Monday, May 25, 2009

more baby stuff...

We made a trip to Motherhood this weekend.
I picked out this gown and robe to wear
when we are at the hospital when Rowan is born.
I liked it because it is baby blue.

I bought Rowan's baby book last week.
I didn't think I needed it before he was born,
but then I was reminded about
having his footprints done when he is born.
Also, there is a page for visitors at the hospital to sign!
This is the same book I bought for Gage.
Libby also has this baby book for Luke!
It is adorable...inside and out!

My Paw-Paw and his wife gave Alan
and I some money to get some baby things
I ordered this adorable diaper bag from
Land's End.
I got it for about 65% off and free shipping!
I got his name put on it too!

I also ordered this Lullaby SoundSpa.
(This is what the company says about it...
because I am having a hard time describing it...)

Click on the sentence above.
Gage also has one of these and loves it...
so Rowan had to have one too. :)

I never imagined I would be so excited about baby stuff...

it just makes it feel so real!

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