Friday, March 26, 2010

quick update.

My little one is at my feet ready to get going.
I ran over to the apartment to get some shoes,
and thought I could fit in a quick update...
We still have a little bit more stuff to get from here.
I suppose we will be completely moved by the 31st.

Speaking of my little one...
He started clapping on Wednesday. It is the cutest thing.
Of course I have not been able to catch him on camera yet.
He is going from sitting to the crawling position but will only sit
there and rock back and forth.
He is getting more comfortable on his belly though.
I guess he will crawl when he is ready...
He loves his new room and our new house.
Especially the light fixtures.
They are black, so that must be highly interesting to him.
He has been sleeping like a champ.
We let him cry it out again on Tuesday night because
he had gotten into the habit of waking up around 2, 3, or 4 every night
for a bottle.
After an hour he finally went to sleep...
and the past two nights he has slept for 11 hours straight.
It feels wonderful to sleep through the night again.
We will just hope it continues.

The new house is coming along...
Yesterday I got alot done and I am really starting to like it.
When we get the internet at home I will share more pictures(...Laura)!
Rowan and I went on a walk yesterday.
It is so nice to have a neighborhood to walk around in.

Well I better get going.
It may be a while before we are back on the internet.
It seems to take a little time to get those things up and running.
Maybe I can blog from my iTouch if I can get free WiFi somewhere.

We are off to Target and Toys R' Us for Easter Basket goodies!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


for all your warm wishes about our new home.
We are so excited the time has finally come!
I can't wait to share all the projects we have in store for it!

Thanks also for the sweet comments about our
big little boy.

I love comments and I love getting random e-mails from
people I don't know IRL (in real life) pertaining
to posts on my blog!

I love getting snail mail.
I love getting e-mails.
And I love blog comments!

Hence the button below...

Blakley...the tutorial for the wreath is here.
It is very easy, but a little time-consuming.
To make a letter...
I bought a piece of rectangular styrofoam from HL.
Alan free-handed the "S" and cut it out with a knife.

Sarah...I am a good copy-cat. Hardly creative.
I wish, though.
Here is the link for the very simple applique technique!
(Crystal from a Little Bit Funky is awesome. Love her blog.)

We are officially moving on Friday and Saturday!
C-A-N-N-O-T wait!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Alan bought Rowan a walker today.
(We have been wanting to get him one but
there wasn't anywhere he could use one at the apartment.)
We figured it would keep him occupied at the new house
so I could get some work done too.
Well, he likes the walker are pushing him around in it,
otherwise he is whining to get out.
He could only go backwards.
I snapped a few quick pictures before he was "over it".


In the midst of all this chaos I took some time last night
to chill out the best way I know how.

I crafted and sewed.

I made us a lime green "S" to hang on our front door.
For St. Patricks Day? No.
Just because I wanted a springy color
and Alan said no to hot pink and Hancock was out
of turquoise!
Thanks to Alan for drawing and cutting out the "S"!

I bought these cute little shorts and shirts at Wal-mart.
I thought they needed some sprucing up so I
bought an extra pair of shorts to make an applique for the shirts.
I got the directions here.
I had to straight stitch mine because my letter
was much smaller than the one she shows in her tutorial.
And I will not be showing a close-up of the letters.
Let's just say they are made with love! :)

I think they turned out pretty cute!
Especially since they only cost $10.50 an outfit!
Did I mention they are size 12 months?

house updates!

Dining room!
The cayenne pepper color is gone and now it's chocolate brown!
Eventually we will put board and batten up in there
which will make it totally rock!

Rowan's room is now baby blue.
It too will eventually have board and batten.

I think he likes his blue walls!
(Look at all that drool...and still no teeth!)
These two pictures were taken with different light...
hence the vast difference.
The blue is a chambray blue.
Very soft and soothing!

We have knobs and pulls on the cabinets throughout the house.
Wow what a difference hardware can make!
We got these on eBay for more than half off!

We also painted the kitchen a khaki color
that matches up better with the backsplash.
It looks great!
Our appliances came today.
The refrigerator and stove fit perfectly.
But the microwave is causing some difficulty. :(
I would have taken pictures today
but Alan and his friend Aaron were busy in there! :)

Things are moving right along.
I am ready for our bedding to come in so
we can get paint for our bedroom.

We are probably gonna start moving this weekend...
So excited!

and we have...

blooms on the tree in our new front yard!

Spring is coming!

7 months...

Now that Rowan is almost 8 months (Saturday)
I figured I would post his 7 month photo! Ha!
I finally got a smile out of him!
The days just keep getting better!

days at home...

We play.

We have photo shoots.

We take lots of naps!

Trying to document the small things!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Questions answered...

I ready to move!

I think...way too much about un-important stuff.

I should...go fold Rowan's clothes and load the dishwasher.

I dream...of being skinny.

I be off work for the next two weeks.

I know...God is good.

I don't like...when me and Alan fight (I mean disagree?).

I smell...Huggies natural care lotion on my hands from putting it on Rowan after his bath.

I hear...FOX news. Someone is always watching it...

I fear...being misunderstood.

I search...for my cell phone or keys daily.

I miss...the simpler times.

I always...make lists because I like the sense of accomplishment that comes with crossing stuff off.

I crave...everything I am not supposed to have. Week 4 of South Beach! Right now
I would love a Sonic Reese's P.B. Cup Blast.

I remember...when my nephew Cade was born. He turned NINE today!

I quit worrying about what people think of me.

I short life is.

I feel...overwhelmed most of the time. Trying to get over that.

I anything I set my mind to.

I can't...believe Rowan will be 8 months old on Saturday.

I am

I my iTouch.

I shop...for good deals everywhere I go. Today I scored a new comforter set for our bed for about 70% off!

I eat...too much.

I boys and their hugs.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

vote for my friend Kami...

Kami is my friend.
My co-worker.
A fellow nurse.
 a breast cancer survivor.
She was only 31 and a brand new mom when she was diagnosed.

She has been nominated to be a MLB Honorary Bat Girl for the Braves on Mother's Day as part of Susan G Komen's "Going to Bat Against Breast Cancer". Please go to this link  and cast your vote for her story. Her nickname on the site is "Super Mom (and Wife).


great day.

closing went great.
i passed ACLS today, and my rythym test at work yesterday.
so grateful for Beth, Rowan's babysitter. she ROCKS!
we got some great deals on our appliances at Lowes.
i'm off till next Tuesday.
we start painting tomorrow.
we may get to some "projects" this weekend.
we ate mexican tonight.
moving-in in 2 weeks.
can't wait to be HOME! :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

so happy...

do you know why?

Cuz' we're closing tomorrow!!!


Can't wait!

We are so excited!

changing seasons...

i can't believe winter is almost over.
while i am excited about spring, and green, and flowers, and freshness...
i am sad to see winter go.
it means we are that much closer to summer.
it reminds me of how my boy is growing too.
faster than the changing of the seasons.

going on 8 months...
sweet boy.