Thursday, January 29, 2009

sneak peek...

So, today at work I got a sneak peek...


Kami, Tara, and I got out a little mini ultrasound
machine that we have in our department and looked at the baby.

We could see arms, legs, the four heart valves, elbows, and eyes.
We could also see privates that indicate...


We could possibly be wrong.
For we are not MD's.
But we are pretty smart RN's.
We will find out for sure in approximately 5 weeks.
We are SO excited!

Maybe the dream was right...

Even if we are wrong it's still fun!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

precious cradle

I have seen this cradle many times while browsing baby websites.
I love it, but it has always been out of our price range.

But today I found a GREAT deal!

When Alan got home I showed him...he said order right now!
I am so excited!

I had a dream...

last night that I had a big, long, bald, beautiful, baby...


He looked just like Alan did when he was a baby.
He was so precious and I was so in love.

He was bald...which really bothered me.
I want my baby to have hair and lots of it.

I didn't really notice his lips in the dream...
I always tell people that all you will see when our babies
come out are LIPS, LIPS, and more LIPS.
Alan and I both have very full lips.

I was so excited I had to wake Alan up to tell him about it!

Then I called Lauren and mom and told them.
Lauren said...Maybe God's trying to prepare you for something...

Either way I'll be so excited!
I just can't wait to know!

Monday, January 26, 2009

nesting place...

I love the Nesters blog.

And I love her post about family rooms.

Love the part about the piles.

Love the music, love the candles, love the blinds, love the lamps...
Most of these I learned from my momma,
and I plan to pass them down to my girl (I mean, my child).

I'm ready to cozy up in bed!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


the potato brush...

Mine actually doesn't look like this...
but I'm sure you could find one like this at
Bed, Bath and Beyond!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

excuse me for a moment...

I'm having a rough day today.

Usually I try to post about positive things...but excuse me for a moment...
Please remember I am 14 weeks pregnant, hormonal, and a little "on-edge".

It all started when my husband told me his mother
did not have a potato brush.
I asked him what she usually uses to wash her potatoes.
He replied, (CRINGE) "she just washes them, like normal people."

Oh. no. he. didn't.

But he did.

Evidently...I'm not own husband thinks I'm "abnormal".

I think I'm gonna lose it...

I'm ready for "our" own space.

Ready for our bedroom.
With our big king size bed.
Where no one busts in on you.
Where it is clean, and organized.
And ours.
Our own sacred little place.

Ready for our own bathroom.
our toilet.
our shower.
our double sinks.
Enough said.

Ready for my own CLEAN sparkling kitchen
where things are organized just so.
Where I can cook GOOD wholesome meals for me and boo. nightly.

Ready for my washer and dryer that is a few steps down the hall.
In a room that is heated.

Ready for my couch where Alan and I can lay side by side...
and we can feel at home.
Where I can lay there all night if I want to.
and no one will tell me to "wake up".
I'm really over that one.

Ready for the smell of home.
Clean, light, fresh with the smell of candles,
that I can burn nightly if I want to!

Ready for our own yard.
Where we can plant wintertime pansies.
And Dixie can run and play every afternoon.

Ready for my own thermostat.
That will stay on 70 degrees all the time.
or warmer if I want it.

Ready for that Ahhhh...feeling when I walk in the door of our home.

Ready for the quiet-ness of our home.
Where it's just us.
And if it is noisy.
It's our music playing.
Or our TV.
Or our voices.

Ready for the cleanliness of home.
Where, if it is dirty, it's our dirt.
But that rarely happens.
I would LOVE to clean my house.

Ready for a garage to park in on these cold winter nights.

Ready for my kitchen cabinets and drawers.
My pots and pans.
My baking stone.
My dishwasher.
My utensils.

and especially...

my potato brush...

This is the real me too.
And as we all know "it's just one of those days".

Hopefully my "normal" husband will come home in a little while
and hug his "abnormal" wife.

God please help him survive this pregnancy...

I hope you are laughing!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

baby product advice...

During some downtime at work this week a few
of the girls I work with
started talking about baby products.
Anything from diapers to bathtubs.
I got some great advice about what to buy and what not to buy.

I know many of you who read my blog are moms...
So bring on the advice...
I would love to hear what you love and what you hate.
What you can't live without and what you can.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas outfits...

These are two of the 6 outfits the baby has
to wear next Christmas!
Can't wait!


Today Gage has a doctors appointment with a
pediatric pulmonologist in Atlanta.
Please pray that everything will go smoothly...
from the traveling there and finding the office to the
actual appointment.

Gage is getting so big!
He is 13.6 lbs and 24 inches of love and joy!

Lauren went back to school last week, and
everyone seems to be adjusting well.

Thanks for praying!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

who are you people...

looking at my blog...
There are people checking my blog from all over the place...

Just wondering...

I would love to get some comments from some of you lurkers
out there who come and go silently...

This site meter is making me crazy...

doctor's appointment...

We had our second doctors appointment this morning.

It was quite exciting...and here's why...

My doctor and his nurse came in with the doppler to look for the
baby's heartbeat.
She looked for what felt like hours, couldn't find it...
Then my doctor looked...couldn't find it...

And while all of this was going on...
nobody says anything...
nobody will look at me...
and you could hear a pin drop in that exam room...

Alan and I saw Marley and Me this past weekend so that was all we
could think about... (if you have seen it, you know what I'm talking about.)

So my Dr. nods his head at the nurse...
and I'm thinking what is going on...
I look over at Alan...
he looks scared to death...
The nurse comes back with the ultrasound machine.

It warms up, he places that cold probe on my belly...
And there he/she is... Little heart fluttering like crazy...
Wheewww...that was scary!

Dr. Slocumb said everything looks great with me and the baby!

We are so grateful for the little life inside me...
I can't imagine what it would be like if that little one had not
been safe inside me.
I can't imagine what it must feel like to lose a baby.

We definitely had one of those humbling moments...
when you can't do anything but look up and say "Thank you, Lord!"

This is all just so amazing and overwhelming...
I still can't believe God chose us...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

etsy baby loves...

Y'all know I love me some etsy.
Here are a few of the D-A-R-L-I-N-G
things I have found.
And yes I realize all this stuff is for a girl...
but that's what I think I am having...
shoes and hairbows galore... :)

Today has been GREAT! No nausea...
and I feel normal!
I hope the yucky feeling is gone!
Totally craving some Chinese food today!
Gonna beg Alan for some P.F. Changs this weekend!

Friday, January 2, 2009

baby likes so far...

So...several people have been
asking me about nursery ideas, what kind of stroller
I want, what diapers I'm gonna use, etc.

I thought I would post what I like so far...
it's just a random list...
First the nursery bedding...
It comes in pink and blue.
This is a pregnancy journal that I ordered online.
It is Christian based. It has some blank pages, and some
that have topics. It is so precious.
I have really enjoyed writing my thoughts and feelings
in this book. Someday my baby can read it.
I would definitely recommend it to anyone who
is expecting!

Below are the diapers that I plan on using.
They smell so good!
This is the stroller and carseat I like...
Not sure about the colors but this one is very neutral!

Below is a wipes warmer.
Some people say you shouldn't use them because of bacteria...
But I don't care I'm using one.
This one is anti-microbial and anti-drying.

This is a CD I bought the other day at Family Christian.
It has great worship songs with soft arrangements.
The website has previews of the songs!
It is adorable.
I have already enjoyed listening to it.
I can just imagine myself rocking and nursing in the middle
of the night with the CD playing.
Man, I can't wait.

These are personalized pacifiers from
They are precious!
That red one would look so cute with
all the Christmas outfits I have bought.

This may be too much information...but I think
this story is pretty funny.
So this morning I'm getting ready. I'm feeling sick.
I'm hot. I'm tired. I call Alan to complain to him.
I finish getting ready. I walk to my car.
I get in, and get ready to back up.
And suddenly I'm like "Oh my gosh, I'm about
to throw up, like right now". So I put my car in park.
I get out, walk two steps over to the bushes, and start
throwing up. Dixie is barking at me. And I'm thinking
"I'm puking in the bushes, what in the world?"
So after a few what-feels-like-minutes I stop throwing up.
I get back in my car, wipe off my mouth, and I
kid you next thought is "What's for breakfast?"
Only a pregnant woman or one who has been pregnant
before would understand.

That's all I've got for now...


Isn't she lovely!
Taken with my new camera lens on Christmas day!