Wednesday, February 25, 2009

quick post before bedtime.

Worked today. Let me just say that I work with some
of the most hilarious people in Macon.

Outrageous couple did not counter or accept our offer...
In the words of their realtor "They REALLY love the house, and
they may be back in a couple of weeks."
Are you kidding me...
They have officially lost their minds!

I have felt Rowan kicking yesterday and today.
There's no denying there is a baby in my belly.
It weirds Alan out.
I find it totally awesome.

A few of the ladies at work were asking me
if I am sure I am pregnant...because I'm still not showing.
Then they said...Well, we have seen the pictures so we know its true. ;)

Do-Si-Dos, Samoas, Tagalongs, and Thin Mints.
Enough said.

The crib sheet and crib skirt came in the mail today!
Bumper is on backorder, but should be here soon.

Gage is battling his first little cold.
Pray he gets to feeling better!
We've got some playing to do this weekend!

Would you look at that ticker...19 weeks!
Less than 5 months till our due date!

I found the most precious song tonight by accident.
It's the 1st one on my playlist.
(Baby Mine by Alison Kraus)

Ok...gotta get to bed.

Monday, February 23, 2009

happy things today...

~ Lunch with Boo at Subway. Lovin' the BLT since I can't have
processed lunch meat!

~ My friend Sarah sent me some Pampers diaper coupons! Thanks Sarah!

~ I also received a precious birth announcement from
my dear friend Laura in the mail.

~ Sleeping in with nothing to do today!

~ Went by to look at the house above. We love it.
Is it the one? Who knows?

~ Ribbon burpcloths and a monogrammed blanket for Rowan.

~ A free subscription to Parents magazine for 2 years.
Don't ask me how I got it.

~ Gifts to Grow points at
You accumulate points and then you get to order "free" stuff.

~ A new Southern Living magazine.

~ Looking forward to spending the weekend with Lauren, Chris and Gage.

~ The crib skirt and sheet will ship this week.
Bumper should follow soon.
We ordered the one from Restoration Hardware.

~ Finding out that Kroger carries Stoneyfield Farms yogurt.
I love it! It's in the organic section.
Thanks Laura! They have 6 flavors too!

~ Buying baby wipes that are on sale + a .50 cents off coupon!

~ Staring at pictures of Rowan. Wondering what he is doing today.

~ Nursery ideas.

~ An e-mail from Lauren.

~ The ladies at Subway telling me what a good "man"
I have and telling me he always tells them about
his "pregnant wife". And telling me that Alan makes their day!
He frequents Subway for lunch if you couldn't tell.

~ Alan telling me not to stress.

Some days are rough! It's refreshing to make a list of things to be thankful for!

Stress is pretty high right now due to the couple who made the
offer on our house last weekend. They came back to our open
house yesterday.Made another counter offer today.
They are still being VERY unreasonable.
And their realtor is being a "hardball" and a "stick-in-the-mud".
(Those are the words of our realtor.)
Supposedly they are VERY interested in the it
...and blah, blah, blah, but their offers are just simply unreasonable.
We are trying to meet them in the middle
and it seems that they won't budge.
I am trying to stay patient, stress-free, and calm.
Alan is helping me.
Please continue to pray that everything will work out.

What are you thankful for today?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

baby blue...

Let the fun begin!

sleepless nights and a little boy.

Monday was a sleepless night for me.
I layed down at 12:00 and was up at 3:00am.
Wide awake.
Ready to talk.
Go to work.
Whatever...anything but continue laying in bed.
I showered at 4:00.
Thought maybe I could go to sleep after I showered.
Got out of bed again at 5:30am.
Got ready and went to work.

While laying there I was having daydreams...or "night-dreams"
about the sweet little baby boy who is about to rock my
world in less than 5 months!

His beautiful lips that look just like his momma's.
His sweet little hands that I pray will grow to help and serve people.
His little head that I can't wait to rub.
His little cheeks that I can't wait to kiss.
His little ears and the twists and turns of them.
His cute little button nose that is perfectly planted on his precious face.
His arms and legs that will probably be long like his daddy's.
His round little belly that I can't wait to tickle.
I am truly and simply smitten by this little boy.

All these thoughts lead me to pray for specific things in his life.
Praying over him from head to toe.
After finding out he is a boy I feel a bond with him
that hadn't really happened yet.

The past two days have been filled with tears.
I am overwhelmed with love for this child.
Yesterday morning on my way to work,
I was listening to a praise and worship lullaby CD.
I listen to it when it's just me and him...
One of them is called You are Good. (it's actually on my music player)
It talks about God's goodness no matter what is happening
in our lives.
And how we don't have anything to offer Him
but a love song. To tell you I'm grateful for holding
my life in your hands.
It makes me think about God's goodness for us.
And how he really does hold us in His hands.
How he gives us what we need when we need it.

You can ask Alan...
I was so sad and shocked the night we found out we were pregnant.
While I "knew" that it was God's plan for us and that He would
provide for us...I was still so upset.
As I was talking to Alan...these thoughts came out of mouth.
It won't be just me and you anymore.
We don't even have a house.
How could this have happened? Now?
This is just great. Happy Birthday to me.
I wanted to be married for 5 years.
I'm not ready for this.

Boy was I wrong that night.

As each day goes by...
and the excitement continues to grow...
I can't imagine our lives any different.
The way Alan and I have grown in our marriage.
How we are literally waiting and expecting a miracle with our house.
The way my thoughts are more Christ-focused.
The absolute love I have for this child.
I think I am even more sensitive to others now.

He is definitely good all the time!
And he gives us what we need when we need it!
I can't wait to meet our little baby boy.
Our little Rowan Alan.

Monday, February 16, 2009

So happy to say...

"What a joy, it's a precious baby...

Below are some of my favorites...
Classic profile shot!

He's signing "I love you"! Awwww...

Look at that precious hand!

Look at that little face!
So perfect, so detailed!
Can't wait to kiss him!

Hi Mom and Dad!
Look at his arms and his hands!
My little sweetness!

We had a great time tonight.
I feel so full of love and joy!
So blessed!
It is truly a miracle...
to see the way God has knit him so perfectly
together in my womb.
How can a person not believe in God?

I am simply overjoyed.

Our little baby boy.
Our little Rowan...

Boy or Girl?

Less than 2 hours till we get to find out!


We will be updating the blog as soon as we
get back from the sonogram and celebrating!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

lazy sunday...

We went back to Second Baptist this morning. So good.
Praying about where we need to join.
So ready to get involved somewhere!

Haven't heard from our realtor today.

I've spent the afternoon on Facebook chatting
with friends. I love it!

Also, been browsing HGTV's Rate My Space.
Found 2 really cute ideas for the nursery!

Thankful for another day off tomorrow.

Listening to Pandora Radio.
All you do is enter the name of an artist...
and they pick songs in the same genre for you.

Can't WAIT till tomorrow to see if this baby is a boy or a girl!

Wishing I could see how all of this is going to come together.
Trusting and knowing that God already knows!

Looking forward to spending next weekend with my bestest
and this precious boy!

It's amazing how God brought his whole life together!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I woke up to a dozen roses at the foot of our bed,
chocolate covered strawberries,
and the sweetest card from my hubby!
Oh how I love him!

We got a sweet surprise this afternoon...
an OFFER on our house!
It wasn't the greatest...well, actually the offer stunk!
But at least we got an offer.
We counter-offered this afternoon!
We are praying, as we have been, that it will be what God wants.
Please continue to pray with us!

I'm thankful for God.
For He is love.
Pure. Perfect. Complete.
Through Him we can love others.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

doctors appointment

Everything went great today.
It was quite uneventful. But good!
The baby's heart rate was 140.

We are going to First Photo on Monday to find
out for sure whether it is a boy or a girl!

Don't forget to cast your vote at
the top right
hand corner of the blog!
Only 4 1/2 days left!!!

more baby stuff

I joined the Publix Baby Club online a few weeks ago.
They sent me 2 full pages of coupons and
the book that is pictured below.
I went to Publix last week and bought all the stuff in the
picture plus 2 jumbo packages of Pampers Wipes
for 46 dollars. I saved a whopping 40 dollars!
If you are pregnant or just had a baby you need to sign up! :)

My dear friend Sarah sent us this precious little
book for Baby Singleton last week as well.
I love books and can't wait to read this one
to our baby over and over and over.

Alan and I bought this sweet little outfit when
we went to Pigeon Forge at a little
store called Smoky Mountain Babies.
It says "God's creation" at the top.
On the leg it says "God saw all that He had made
and said that it was good".
It's so adorable.
It's made by a company called His Gem.
Every piece of clothing they make has a scripture on it.

Lauren gave me a boy and girl version of this outfit
for Christmas.
It is probably my most favorite outfit yet!
It says "Thank Heaven for little boys".
So soft and sweet!

Alan told me last night that his Valentines Day plans
were a bust. He went on to explain that he had tried to call
First Glimpse at least 6 times, he had e-mailed them, and
he had even driven up to Macon to go to the place.
It was closed when he got there even though the sign said
they were open till 5:00.
And he still hasn't gotten in touch with anyone there.
So, I told him it wasn't a big deal. (It's really not.)
I actually feel bad that he went to all that trouble for me.
He is so sweet to try to surprise me like that!
I asked him that if I called today and got
in touch with someone could we still go.
He said yes!
So this morning, I called first thing and left a message.
Hopefully they will call me back! Soon!
We may be getting a Gender Determination 2D
Ultrasound soon!
I would love to go on Saturday!
I'm just ready for some confirmation!
I don't think I can stand to wait until the second week in March.
And anyway, I found out that the sweet, little
boy bedding from Restoration Hardware is on sale!
The catalog has much better prices than the internet. Who knew?

We are off to our 16 week doctor's appointment this afternoon.
I'll post an update later tonight!

I forgot to mention that yesterday was
my 2 year Blogaversary!
That's right!
Been blogging for 2 years and I love it!

Friday, February 6, 2009

baby bedding

So far these are on the top of my list
for baby bedding.

I love this one!
It's my top choice.
Restoration Hardware Baby and Child has
the most beautiful baby stuff!
A khaki chair would go great with this.
I love the chocolate brown, baby blue, and khaki combination.
It is very simple and baby-ish.

I found this one on
It is really cute also.
It has all of the same colors minus
the khaki.
This one is from Pottery Barn Kids.
I just like that it is so simple.

If it ends up being a girl I will be getting the pink and chocolate polka dots from before. I really love that one!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

baby furniture

Today we traveled to Cadwell, GA
to Cadwell Furniture...and we found some furniture!

I know this doesn't look like baby furniture...
but this is the furniture we have picked out for the baby.

To be more economical, we decided to go ahead
and purchase an adult bedroom suite for the baby.
We are gonna buy a crib to match.

The reasons are...

1. It is cheaper to buy one crib and a bedroom suite that
will grow with the baby for it's entire life.

2. When baby #2 comes along, we will buy another adult
sized bedroom suite that will grow with that baby and
he/she will use the same crib.

3. Adult furniture is bigger and feels more substantial.

4. We can use the queen sized bed and night stand in our guest
room until it is time for the baby to move out of the crib.

5. Baby furniture is over-priced. Especially the baby furniture
at the specialty baby stores. (Read that in Baby Bargains.)
Even though it is so adorable.

6. We wanted our child to have its own furniture that
he/she can take with him/her whenever he/she moves
out of the house.

7. We will never worry about buying furniture for the
baby ever again.

We are gonna use the dresser as the changing table.
And attach the mirror later.
It looks very masculine which will
be perfect for a baby boy!
It is classic enough that hopefully it will not age.

We are also gonna buy this swivel glider below.

Once we find bedding we are going to pick a fabric to match.
I have no idea what I want in the nursery now.
Today I started thinking about red...
(I'm allowed to change my mind aren't I.)
I'm thinking chocolate brown or khaki for the chair.
Something that could be used for a girl or boy,
and then later used in the living room or our bedroom.

Well, this makes it feel very real!

And it also reminds me once again that our house hasn't sold,

and our baby really doesn't have a room yet.

Please pray for our house to sell very soon!

Night night!

things I want to make...

1. A stroller sack!
Isn't it so cute!

I love the ribbon fringe on these!

I like the blue and brown one below!

I bought the pattern to make one of these
last summer.
I can't wait to make one!
It works with resturant high chairs and
shopping carts.
Hopefully my mom and my sister want to help!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

quick note...

before I hit the sack.

We have a couple who are very interested in our house!
I am cautiously hopeful!
Please pray that this couple will be approved for a loan.

Also, no nausea!

16 weeks tomorrow! It's flying by!

The cradle came today...its gorgeous!
Can't wait to have a home to set it up in!

I'm tired! Sleep tight!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

getting ready for baby...

Last weekend when we were home I went through all the
baby clothes I have collected over the past few years.
It's so crazy to look at those little bitty socks.
I also pulled out some things that have been in
my baby "hope chest".

My old neighbors gave me this pacifier clip.
One day we went to an antique store near
our house. I saw this in the jewelry case and loved it.
They bought it for me and
surprised me last Christmas with it!
Looks like I will be changing out the ribbon and
getting an "R" engraved on the clip.

These were my dads when he was a baby.
My Maw-Maw Nunnelly gave them to me a while ago.
They are beautiful.
Can't wait to dress my sweet baby up!

Below, is the baby blanket Maw-Maw crocheted for me.
I think she gave this to me before I was married.
It's white, soft and beautiful!

Here is my ever expanding baby closet.

In other preparation...
I have signed up for Breastfeeding class at the hospital.
My friend Tara and I from work are taking it together.
I'm gonna sign up for Prepared Childbirth soon!
I'm wanting a natural birth!

I have been reading Baby Bargains.
It is a fabulous book that has tons of tips on all kinds of baby products.

I regularly visit
It is a great resource for coupons.
And she tells you where the cheapest diapers are for the week.
I found out about the cradle at this website!
I got it 68% off!

We have priced diapers everywhere. Sam's has them cheapest.

I have found a crib I love.

I have called several places to get prices.
We still need to go look.

I think I may be back at square one as far as bedding.

Alan said his boy isn't going to have polka dots in his nursery.
I'm trying to get mom and Paige to help
me make some!

Alan took me on a spur-of-the-moment
trip to Pigeon Forge this weekend.
We came back rested and more in love than before.

I try to never take my husband for granted
(but always seem to anyway).
He is no doubt God's pick for me.
At lunch I sat there and told him why I loved him so...
He pays the bills.
He takes my car for oil changes.
He pumps my gas.
He fixes my car.
He takes care of all the money.
He values my opinion.
He loves me wholeheartedly and unconditionally.
He listens to me.
He knows me so well.
He helps me around the house.
He lights up when we talks about our baby.
He knows how to make me laugh.
He is very sensitive to my needs.
He calls me at random times to ask
"Is there anything I can do to help you today?"
He asks me "What do you want to talk about?"
when we are riding in the car.
He knows what I need before I do.
And most recently...
he holds my hair back when I get sick.

I am so thankful for him.
If we are having a boy...I want him
to be just like his Daddy!

I took this ONE picture while we were gone.
The river in the mountains was frozen!
It was very pretty!

Well that's all I have for now.

And guess nausea for 4 days!