Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blog too busy?

I found this website today with blog templates...

It's very easy to customize your blog and it's free!

Does it look too busy?

making me happy right now...

seeing this in my front yard!
Hobby Lobby clearance aisle find!
Isn't it so pretty!

Alan and I just went to pick strawberries at Washington Farms! The strawberries are smaller than last year but so yummy!

Dollar Tree wrapping paper! So cute and only a dollar a roll!

My hanging baskets on the front porch! Same as last year!

That's all!
Happy Saturday!

11 am...

and we just woke up!

Saturdays are great!

Friday, May 30, 2008

so happy to announce...


that we are

moving to Warner Robins!

Ok, I am going to start from the top so I can look back and remember each step of the way! (This will be long!)

Back in December, Alan submitted a resume through to an environmental engineering firm in WR. We never heard anything...
and never really thought much more about it.

Fast forward to April 17th, when Alan's new boss called
to ask if he was still interested in a job...
of course!

On April 21st, he went to an interview.
It was a very extensive interview.
An hour and a half and a panel of three interviewers.
They told him he would probably not hear from
them for a few weeks...not to worry. We were just waiting and praying!

Fast forward to April 29th, when Alan's new boss called to
offer him the job!!!
When Alan tells the story he says he had his "thank you
for the interview" speech ready to go.
He even told me "It's ok if I don't get it. It is a learning experience, right."

Isn't God so good!

So, back to April 17th...
I immediately check on the local hospitals in WR/Macon for
job postings...only to find...NONE in the cath lab (of course there were
night shift jobs on floors I didn't want to work on)!
I was very overwhelmed that night!
But then I remembered what the Lord says about worry, and
how he promises to take care of us.
I told Alan, I wasn't going to obsess over checking the
job postings daily... (and I didn't).

Fast forward to May 11th...
I got on the job postings list at the Medical Center...only to find...
a cath lab position working 4 10 hour shifts!

So on the afternoon of May 12th I applied.

On the afternoon of May 14th they called to schedule an interview!

On May 27th, I went to my interview.
And had my drug screen/background check done.
Alan also mailed his acceptance letter to his new job on this day!

On May 28th, they offered me the job.

On May 29th, I accepted the job.
We also put our house on the market!

Today, Alan and I turned in our three weeks notice.

On June 30th we start our new jobs!

Isn't God so good!

We are praying for a quick sale of our house so that we can purchase a new home!
I told our agent last night that we obviously don't need to worry
about anything. And shared with her our story. God has so paved the way for us.
We couldn't have planned any of this any better.

For once in my life I haven't really been stressed/worried/consumed
about this situation. Why?

Not because I am perfect.
Not because I have arrived.
Not because we deserve this.
Not because we are lucky.

But because I chose to trust God.
Because I allowed Him to work.

We are so EXCITED!
We are so ready for this change!
This whole process has been jaw-droppin', hand raisin', Jesus praisin'!

As I told one of my co-workers today...
I feel so content, so peaceful, and so at ease.
I was able to also testify about our Lord.
About his faithfulness, his will for us, and about trusting him in everything.

There is not a doubt in my mind that this isn't
what God wants for us and it feels so wonderful!

So that's my exciting news and my huge prayer request I mentioned
on my blog weeks ago!

It has been killing me to not
be able to post on here. We wanted to make sure we informed our
employers before I put it out there for everyone to see!

So thanks for praying for us!

Friday, May 23, 2008

busy, busy, busy...

here's the latest...

we have been out of town the past 4 weekends.

we are home this weekend for call. Memorial Day is my holiday for the year. :(

working in the yard. Alan layed a pallet of sod in some bare spots we had. we got the hanging baskets finished. they look just like last years. and we put out 10 bales of pinestraw.

got to see some lovely girls last weekend at Shauna's baby shower! :)

feeling the need to clean everything out and up around the house. Spring fever?

Lauren is 20 weeks! She's halfway there... (still can't wait).

one of my other close friends is expecting...and she won't post on her blog about it!!!

celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on Wednesday. We went to Farm 255 for dinner. (I have been wanting to go there since we moved here).

reading Firefly Lane. Not a Christian fiction book...but no doubt it's good!

totally neglecting my blog...

feeling so sad for Steven Curtis Chapman and his family. His youngest (five years old) daughter Maria was killed in an accident on Wednesday.

excited about all the things the rest of the year beholds...

And what's not to love about these two precious boys!
I love 'em so much!

you can make this...

I found an awesome site with downloadable patterns for all kinds of stuff...
So cute!
It's called You Can Make This!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

mullet patrol...

look at these nasty mullets...
they made me laugh on Saturday while at Cade's baseball game...
i made my family laugh by taking these pictures...

i was gonna say only in Alabama...

but then on Monday at work...

I saw one that could top both of these... YIKES!

(Blogger gets on my nerves when it spaces things wrong).

Sunday, May 11, 2008

falling down...

on the job. well, blogging is not my job, but anyways.

my mind has been sidetracked the past couple of weeks.

life is good.

God is good.

these are some exciting times in the Singleton household...

Just got home from spending the weekend in Alabama.
Seeing my family.
Watching a little baseball.
Visiting with my grandparents.
Wishing my momma a Happy Mother's Day.
Playing with my nephews.
Shopping with my sister and momma.

It was so good to be there.

Maggie is leaving for San Diego in a couple of weeks.
I'm so excited for her!
I know God is going to use her!

Selfishly I want her here. nearby.
Not so far away. :(

But I am so. proud. of. her.
She is so brave (or faithful, or trusting in God).
She is just a fabulous girl.
Y'all need to meet her.

I have been encouraging her to start a blog so we can keep up with her.
I guess we will see if she does or not.


We took some sister/mom pictures this weekend, but I am too tired to post them right now.
I'll post them this week.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers. (I love you Mom!)
We couldn't do it without y'all!

night night!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

in Him all things hold together...

You gotta watch this!

It was so great to hear a reminder that He holds all things together for us. For Alan and I, at this specific moment, this is huge! Oh, how we forget what a perfect, complete, and utterly baffling God he is! He has blessed us so!