Sunday, November 18, 2007

welcome fall...

I can't believe November is more than half way over!
I have so much to write about I hardly know where to start.

Maggie came to stay with me on Friday night. On Saturday we
went to Hobby Lobby. I bought a big picture for the living room.
I will post a picture whenever Alan gets it hung up.
(He went to Arkansas on Friday for a duck hunting trip.
He is having a blast!)

Mom and Dad came last weekend. We had
a great time. They had not been to see us
in quite a while. Mom and I shopped all day on Saturday!
She made me shop till I dropped! Usually it is the other way
around. :) It's always good having them around.
Hopefully they will come back in January!

The Saturday before that, Alan's parents came to visit.
We also went shopping and out to eat.
It seems like the thing to do when family comes!

My mom brought these plates to me when
she came. Paige gave them to me back in the summer, but
Mom "put them away" and couldn't find them.
So she found them! Aren't they cute.

This is my favorite part of fall and winter. Warm fires on cold nights. Alan loves building fires, and I love falling asleep on the couch next to them!

I am ready for Christmas! We are about halfway done with Christmas shopping! I started wrapping presents last night. I can't wait to break out the decorations and decorate the tree. I have been listening to Christmas music this week!

I bought this cute door bucket from Southern Living to go on my front door. I can't wait to replace the fall leaves and pumpkins for this cutie!