Friday, May 29, 2009

8 more weeks & 13 more days...

I can't believe I am 32 weeks pregnant!
The doctor told me that we will be "out of the woods"
in three weeks. At 35 weeks, Rowan should be able
to breathe on his own and do well.
Am I ready in three weeks, no, but I don't think
he will be making an early appearance.
But I realize I can't control this either...
and we will welcome our little one whenever he is ready!
He also thinks Rowan's head is already down.
Of course he still has room to move around...
so he could flip, but without a doubt the time
is drawing near.
Isn't it crazy how God creates the baby
and then things occur naturally in preparation
for a baby's arrival. It's truly amazing!
I go back to the doctor on June 16th.
Then I think we start going every week.

I have been having extreme heartburn.
It wakes me up at night and I fight it during the day.
I am trying to stay away from medication for it.
I just keep picturing Rowan as a hairy little monkey baby!

13 more days until our official move in date!
Can I just say I am about to explode with excitement!
The chair for the nursery is in!
The bedroom suite was shipping from Atlanta yesterday!
So they will be able to deliver it as soon as we get in.
How perfect did that turn out?
I am ready to get in that nursery and play!

We are headed back to Alabama for the weekend.
My Maw-Maw is turning 80 on Saturday!
We are throwing her a Brunch Birthday Celebration
tomorrow morning from 10-12.
We have been planning it for many weeks,
so of course we are excited that it is finally here.

Well, I better get going.
I have errands to run!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Shelli, a friend of mine from work, wrote in one of my cards today...
"You will love being a momma to a little boy. Your heart will overflow."

It stuck with me...just thought it was so sweet!
(And I'm already finding that to be true.)

But, there are other parts of my life, right now,
where I feel like my heart is overflowing...

- realizing I will be a momma in less than 2 months.

- looking forward to June 10th...the first night

I will get to sleep in my bed in Warner Robins, GA!

- learning that grace in marriage goes far.

-learning that humbling yourself in marriage takes guts,

but has great rewards. (note: this was Alan, not me)

- being so overwhelmed today as my co-workers showered me with love and gifts today!

- being reassured at the doctor today as he told me my 3 hour GTT was normal.

- being reminded that God really does have it all under control.

Why can't I just get out of the way?

- hearing Rowan's little heart beating away.

- my husband going to my doctors appointment with me,

along with making all of our moving plans, e-mailing people,

getting documents faxed, etc.

He totally provides a sense of security and provision for me.

- And God putting the puzzle of our lives together...

one piece at a time.

He is good!

Now, I think I'll go to bed!

Monday, May 25, 2009

but don't get crazy...

three posts in one day...
i know i'm getting crazy!

more baby stuff...

We made a trip to Motherhood this weekend.
I picked out this gown and robe to wear
when we are at the hospital when Rowan is born.
I liked it because it is baby blue.

I bought Rowan's baby book last week.
I didn't think I needed it before he was born,
but then I was reminded about
having his footprints done when he is born.
Also, there is a page for visitors at the hospital to sign!
This is the same book I bought for Gage.
Libby also has this baby book for Luke!
It is adorable...inside and out!

My Paw-Paw and his wife gave Alan
and I some money to get some baby things
I ordered this adorable diaper bag from
Land's End.
I got it for about 65% off and free shipping!
I got his name put on it too!

I also ordered this Lullaby SoundSpa.
(This is what the company says about it...
because I am having a hard time describing it...)

Click on the sentence above.
Gage also has one of these and loves it...
so Rowan had to have one too. :)

I never imagined I would be so excited about baby stuff...

it just makes it feel so real!

in the past two weeks I/we...

(for those of you who are wondering where I've been)

got a new cell phone.

got a new cell phone number.

took a trip to Alabama.

had my first baby shower. So sweet!

continued helping with the planning of my Maw-Maw's 80th Birthday Celebration.

took my Glucose Tolerance Test.

found out I failed my GTT.

took the 3 hour GTT.

celebrated our 4 year Anniversary.

realized our house isn't going to sell in time.

looked for a place to live.

found a place to live.

signed a lease on a place to live.

took a trip to our house, possibly for the last time, (with our stuff still in it).

decided what goes to the apartment.

decided what goes to storage.

asked my sister and her family to be a long term pet-sitter for
Dixie while we live in the apartment.

prayed for my Paw-Paw who had a mini-stroke last Thursday.
He is doing great!

cooked dinner two nights in a home!

worked my regular scheduled hours.

made lists like this one...except they say "to-do"!

Yes, we have been very busy.
Yes, I am beginning to feel very tired.
Yes, we finally have a move-in date... JUNE 9th!
I still feel very overwhelmed with all that we have yet to do!
But I am so EXCITED that we are finally going to
have an address of our own again!
The apartment is a spacious 2 bedroom/1 bath on the ground level.
(The only ground level apt. they had available...
I will be so thankful not to climb stairs with a baby/stroller/carseat in tow!)
It is only a 1 1/2 years old.
The living room/kitchen/breakfast area/sunroom are
open to each other.
We have figured out that all of our bedroom furniture,
living room furniture, and our kitchen table and chairs will fit.
Rowan's furniture should be in the week we move.
So it can be delivered there.
I think Alan and I both are most excited about his room!

This weekend I did alot of sleeping, laying around, and relaxing.
(Momma is feeling a little worn down.)
Alan took Friday off so we headed home and we didn't get
back until tonight. I enjoyed spending time with my honey.
I can't wait till it is just the two of us again...
It's been a long time coming!

So, things don't always exactly turn out exactly how you plan...
but in the end it is all working out...
I think...
Just check back with me in about two more weeks!

baby shower...

May 16, 2009. 11am.
Thrown by my momma and my sister.
Family and very special friends from Alabama attended.
We had pimento cheese crossaints,
chicken salad crossaints,
grape salad,
Asian slaw,
and yummy lemonade.

Momma made this seersucker table runner!
Those carnations are in my momma's
glass bottles from when she was a baby!
I loved the table decorations!

My sister and I have these plates!
We love to change out the message
for the occasion!
I didn't want them to erase this little

Gifts! (sorry, it's blurry)

Cupcakes with sweet little "R's" for Rowan!

A great time was had by all!
We got lots of goodies!
We are so blessed to be showered so
graciously by our family and friends.

Two more months...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

monograms and more...

Our doctors appointment went great today.
We should know the results of the GTT
by the end of the week.
Rowan's heartbeat was good and strong.
I am measuring right on target.
I start going every two weeks now!!!
Our next appointment is May 27th!
Everyday I can't believe it...

After the appointment I went to pick
up the stuff I dropped off to be monogrammed.
I think it all turned out very cute!
I love, love, love, the pillow!

I bought this bib! Thought it was too precious to leave behind!

This afternoon Alan and I are going to the eye doctor for eye exams. My glasses have been broken for years, I think. I CANNOT see anything but outlines without my contacts in! I realized the other day that this would make things difficult with a brand new baby arriving soon since I will be the one nursing him several times a night. I dare not think I will be putting my contacts in every time he wakes up! So, I'm off to get new glasses today.

Another door closed with the house...Praying for another one to FLY open!

Monday, May 11, 2009

prepared childbirth...

My thoughts tonight as I stood there
looking at that empty Labor and Delivery bed...

Holy crap, we're about to have a baby...
and I gotta push him out...
possibly in this room,
right here,
in this very room...

Whoa...its becoming very real!

73 more days!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

House update, Mother's Day, baby update...

My last post sounds so whiney and depressing.
I knew it when I wrote it, but now a week later it
sounds even worse. :(
Some days are good, some days are bad.
That's life I suppose.
Hopefully this will be behind us soon!!!

No news on the house.
We are working on something that will hopefully
help us get our house sold soon!
Don't want to say too much...
and honestly...
I feel like we (I) are beating a dead horse here.

Today has been a great day.
Alan gave me a card when I woke up
with a sweet note in it (my favorite part).
He also gave me a gift certificate
for a manicure
and pedicure.
The perfect gift for a "30 week" pregnant girl.
My feet are swollen up like marshmellows!
We went out for Chinese after church for
the second day in a row.
Our waiter was the first stranger to notice that
I'm pregnant!!! I have really just started to show!

I really can't believe I will be a momma in
about 10 weeks now! Time is flying by.
I go back to the doctor on Tuesday for
the GTT and a regular check up.
Then I guess we will go back at 34 weeks...
then every 2 weeks...
then every week...
Did I mention that time is flying!
We continue to be thankful for good
health for Rowan and me.
I feel wonderful, despite the swelling.

This weekend is the starting of our baby showers!
Mom and Paige are doing a luncheon at Mom and Dad's
house for family and family friends!
I am excited about seeing everyone.

I have been on call this I didn't get to
see my "mother dearest" as I used to say when I was little.
I can't wait to see her next weekend...
and take her the rest of her gift!
The older I get the more I realize how much
she loves us and how much she has done for us!
Alan and I gave our mom's a Rowan brag book!
I printed some of our 3D/4D pictures to go in it for now.

Happy Mother's Day all of you Momma's and Momma's to be!

Love you Momma!

Monday, May 4, 2009

feeling forgotten...

So, our house has been on the market for almost 365 days...
that equals 1 WHOLE year for those
of you who didn't know that.
And that also means we have been waiting, praying,
and hoping for a year.
And living here for a year.

READY is an understatment of how I feel right now.
Ready to have a place of our own.
Ready to nest.
Ready to finally feel "at home".
Ready to get ready for our baby boy.
Ready to spend lots of quality alone time with Alan.

Alan's sister and her husband have had their house on the market...
for not very long at all...and guess what...they have a contract.

A friend of mine that lives in Kansas had their house for sale by
owner for, get this, ONE day...and guess what...they have a contract.

Now I'm not saying that they weren't ready to sell their homes,
because obviously if you have a house on the market you want it to sell.

I just feel like we are SO MUCH MORE ready.
Neither family is expecting a baby in 11 weeks...
and neither family has been living with their in-laws for almost 10 months.

It's so hard to not be envious, or bitter, or angry.

What are we doing wrong?
Or what did they do right?

It's hard not to question God's plan for us...
Doesn't He know what we are going through...
Doesn't He know that we want to be good stewards of our money...
Doesn't He know the desires of our hearts.

It's so hard to be positive. Optimistic. Hopeful.
It's so hard to NOT worry. not stress. or not be overwhelmed.

Most days I am positive and I sleep well at night.
But some days I just gotta be real with myself.

I'm tired, I'm anxious, I'm frustrated, and I am losing hope.

I can't wait for the day when I can get on this blog and post
the news that our house is under contract...I'm praying it's soon!

And I am mature enough in my faith to know (in my head) that...
God isn't punishing us,
that He is still in control,
that He can still work miracles,
that His promises for us are true.
that He has us here for a reason.

Pray that I can believe all these things in my heart!

Does anybody feel me?
Does anybody have a similar situation?

photo albums, bibs, and onesies...

Very productive weekend on the homefront...
Unfortunately I need a bunch more of these
to do the rest of the things
I want to do before Rowan comes!

A friend of mine from work, Tara, just found out she is
having a little girl in September!
I am so excited for her!
I made her a cute little photo album for her
pictures of her sweet little one!

I made one for myself as well!

Last weekend I made this bib...

You can see that I really like this fabric.

Rowan now has a shopping cart cover,
bib, and burp cloth that match!

Aunt Paige made this precious little
pieced bib out of leftover fabrics.
She whipped it up in minutes I tell you!

We found these cute little onesies at Wal-mart.
Mom, Paige, and I just loved them!
They will be perfect for our little summer baby boy!