Monday, August 30, 2010

my mind is so full...

so, we went to alabama this weekend. it's always good to see my
parents, my nephews, my sister, and my grandparents.

it is very tiring; to chase a VERY busy one year old around houses that
are not childproof. v-e-r-y tiring!

my older sister turned 33 last Thursday. she wanted Tupperware bowls!
Gotta love the things we want as we get older.

the weather has been so nice. Fall is on the horizon, and that makes me happy.

i got Rowan a Christmas outfit and some cute navy blue shoes for this fall
at a consignment sale.

me, momma, and rowan went junkin' but didn't have much luck. i bought
an antique christmas tree topper for only 50 cents. only deal of the day!

it is very hard to keep up with sippy cups.

i ordered a FREE "purse photo book" from last week.
it was in the mailbox when we got home. i am very impressed by the quality of
said photo book.

my little boy travels like a champ. only fusses when he is hungry or thirsty.

we went to athens today. we visited our old co-workers. it was bittersweet.
i miss my old peeps from ARMC.

we also went to our old house, that is now our rental house. it was...strange.
kinda sad, kinda happy, kinda weird. rowan wasn't a part of our lives when
we lived there, so that felt weird. it was weird seeing someone elses stuff in "our" house.
our renter is very sweet. she signed a lease for another year! yay! the house looked
great inside and out! She has taken great care of the house in the past year. We are
so glad to have her back again this year. it was a little bittersweet because it brought
back very happy memories of a time in our lives that we will never get back.

we learned some unfortunate news about some of our favorite neighbors.
they got divorced and no longer live in our old neighborhood. makes
me sad and a little sick to my stomach. it seems like divorce is rampant these days.

so tonight, i am thankful for my family. my marriage. our renter, Stephanie. a
healthy, happy, busy baby boy. for good times and good memories. and for
where we are today!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

sneak peek...

of Rowan's adorable one year pictures are up on Alicia's site.
Just thought y'all might want to see them!

Friday, August 20, 2010

two things I am loving...

Blogger Reading List!!! It has saved me so much time. I used to go from blog to blog
checking to see if the blogs I keep up with had updates. Now I just log in and then
the latest updates are there for me to see!!! I love it!

Kaboodle. I made an account a few years ago, but never did anything with it.
Basically it is a list-lovers dream with pictures and links to the items you have saved.
I started my Christmas list on Kaboodle because when the time comes
I can never remember the things I would like to have.

Oh yeah, and this darling child!
(And his Daddy too). 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I love this...

I still need to...
get Rowan's one year pictures taken.
do his handprint tin thingy.
take his 12 month picture with his lamb.
write thank you notes for his birthday.
blog about his birthday.

i have already...
started my Christmas shopping.
scheduled our Christmas photography shoot with Two Chics.
bought Christmas cards and address labels.

I made a coupon binder this past weekend. I love it. So much easier and faster to shop now!

I am making him a longall  for Rowan that will hopefully be done before next spring.

We bought greenish-khakish paint for our "office". The color is called Caraway Shield.

I can't wait to see Lauren...hopefully one night next week!!!

We are headed to Alabama next weekend and I cannot wait!


of love!
Every day gets better and better.
And every day of love him more and more!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

beach favorites

one legged bird.

Rowan's first time on the beach.

love this face.

my boo.

blue birthday cupcakes for our baby boy!

gorgeous lighting.

birthday cupcake on the beach...

and all that was left.

Daddy. Mommy, and Rowan.

he loved the sand!!!

so glad we brought the wagon!

the sun and the fun has tuckered him out.

love this picture.

hello freckles.

thanks for looking!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


these pictures crack me up.
we got these sunglasses for rowan while we are
at the beach.

loving some coupons!

spent 13.77. saved 106.
walked out with 6 Register Rewards and 4 ExtraCare bucks.

And people think couponing is not worth it.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

imagine my surprise...

when I discovered my beach memories candle holder had been featured on
And then Cate left a comment saying she featured me on her blog too! Thanks Cate!
This has totally got me motivated to do more and share more! :)