Monday, May 25, 2009

in the past two weeks I/we...

(for those of you who are wondering where I've been)

got a new cell phone.

got a new cell phone number.

took a trip to Alabama.

had my first baby shower. So sweet!

continued helping with the planning of my Maw-Maw's 80th Birthday Celebration.

took my Glucose Tolerance Test.

found out I failed my GTT.

took the 3 hour GTT.

celebrated our 4 year Anniversary.

realized our house isn't going to sell in time.

looked for a place to live.

found a place to live.

signed a lease on a place to live.

took a trip to our house, possibly for the last time, (with our stuff still in it).

decided what goes to the apartment.

decided what goes to storage.

asked my sister and her family to be a long term pet-sitter for
Dixie while we live in the apartment.

prayed for my Paw-Paw who had a mini-stroke last Thursday.
He is doing great!

cooked dinner two nights in a home!

worked my regular scheduled hours.

made lists like this one...except they say "to-do"!

Yes, we have been very busy.
Yes, I am beginning to feel very tired.
Yes, we finally have a move-in date... JUNE 9th!
I still feel very overwhelmed with all that we have yet to do!
But I am so EXCITED that we are finally going to
have an address of our own again!
The apartment is a spacious 2 bedroom/1 bath on the ground level.
(The only ground level apt. they had available...
I will be so thankful not to climb stairs with a baby/stroller/carseat in tow!)
It is only a 1 1/2 years old.
The living room/kitchen/breakfast area/sunroom are
open to each other.
We have figured out that all of our bedroom furniture,
living room furniture, and our kitchen table and chairs will fit.
Rowan's furniture should be in the week we move.
So it can be delivered there.
I think Alan and I both are most excited about his room!

This weekend I did alot of sleeping, laying around, and relaxing.
(Momma is feeling a little worn down.)
Alan took Friday off so we headed home and we didn't get
back until tonight. I enjoyed spending time with my honey.
I can't wait till it is just the two of us again...
It's been a long time coming!

So, things don't always exactly turn out exactly how you plan...
but in the end it is all working out...
I think...
Just check back with me in about two more weeks!

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S.P.T. said...

I've been anxiously awaiting an update! I knew you guys must have been busy. So happy that you will have a place to get ready for baby Rowan. He'll be here soooo soon!