Thursday, January 31, 2008

RCIS or...

I have this registry exam coming up in the next few months.
I just requested an application packet, so it will be a while before I take the test.
I hate the thought of having to study, but I can't wait to be RCIS.
Hollie Singleton RN, RCIS!!!

for the love of binders...

If you know me well you know I love to organize.
Papers, recipes, cabinets, magazines, scrapbook stuff...
People, it really doesn't matter what it is.
My nursing school portfolio was immaculate. I still have it.
My wedding binder...organized to the T.
I have a photography binder.
I have a home decorating binder.
I just can't help it.
It's in my blood.
I really can't explain it.
People have often asked me how I do it.
All I know to say is how do I not do it.
I must have things around me neat, straightened, and clean.
So I say all that to tell you about my new binder.

The DREAM HOUSE binder.
I have been tearing up my Southern Living magazines.
I have too many, and I am trying to simplify.

I will soon finish the dividers.
Living Room.
Master Bedroom.
Laundry room.
House plans.

When will this be put to use?
Who knows?
But all the information will be in the same place.
It will be organized.
It will be great!
And in the mean time I am having fun dreaming...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

really quick update...

Ok...several things to share...
First, here is my growing collection of baby clothes for "one day".
Here's proof that it does exist!

Alan made these biscuits last week! They were so yummy and easy!
A little valentines decor...
Here is the start to the guest basket...
My vintage/antique ornament collection...

That's all!
I'm off to watch American Idol with hubby!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Maggie, my little sister turned 20 on January 15th.

My Paw-Paw Williams turned 83 on January 17th.

I met Maggie's boyfriend Will this weekend. He's sweet.

My nephew Taylor was baptized today, by my Paw-Paw Williams.

My mom and sister are coming on President's day weekend!

Tomorrow is Monday. Alan is off work. I'm not...that is so not exciting!

And I am gonna blog more later...

Sunday, January 13, 2008


This is what I have done so far...

1. I sent out an update e-mail to everyone in my nursing class. Many of my fellow RN's have replied back with updates. I forward them on to everyone. Something about January calls for an update. We have been out of school for almost 3 years. They are wanting a reunion...

2. I made a gift wrap organizer from our old chest of drawers that is now in our guest bedroom.
One drawer for tissue. Another for ribbon, tape, and scissors. (I bought a new pair at the dollar tree that will stay in there. I bought 4 rolls of tape after Christmas for half off.) Another drawer for gift bags. (I cleaned my gift bags out and gave them away at work.) And the final drawer is full of boxes. (I bought many of these after Christmas too.) I love to wrap gifts rather than using a bag. Everyone uses bags, ya know. I have my gift wrap in a underbed storage box in the same room. I have found that the guest bed makes a great wrapping surface!

a little side note. I am a wrapping paper snob. It has to be heavy weight. Hobby Lobby has the best!

3. Alan put plywood down in the attic so now all of our Christmas stuff is up there. Except for the new tree we bought at Target for half off. Now the guest bedroom closet has alot more room. I bought 40 new hangers to hang up clothes that I am adding to my growing collection of baby clothes.

4. I straightened up our entertainment armoire in the living room. Got rid of some stuff.

5. I cleaned out our old dresser that still contained a bunch of my old clothes. Got rid of some clothes, and put some in our new dressing chest.

6. I am still working on my guest basket. I am looking for the perfect basket and for the perfect towels.

7. Just before Christmas I started a new collection of antique Christmas ornaments. Next year, in addition to my red and gold tree, I am going to have an antique themed tree. The tree we got from Target is a 6 1/2 ft, prelit with white lights tree in an urn. I can't wait to see what it will look like. So right now, I have the ornaments displayed in the guest bedroom in a glass bowl and hurricane.

So far, that is it.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

just sitting here.

just got off the phone with Lauren.
so glad to have a best friend.
so glad it's her.
so glad that she knows me so well.
so glad that she just knows somethings wrong over the phone.
she said she could just tell.
this has not been a very good week for me.
i am struggling.
i don't know if its because it is January.
or because it is rainy and foggy.
or because i am a girl.
or because the day ends in "y".

work has been stressful.
patients with left main right and left.
on call.
three people to a room.
unpredictable and inconsiderate coworkers.

makes me feel discouraged.

it all came out tonight.
on Alan's shoulder.
i haven't cried in a while.
it felt good.

i took a shower.
i'm clean.
my hair is dry.
nails are painted. toes and fingers.

now i am still.
listening to my ipod.

glad it's thursday.
tomorrow's friday.
things must be better.

this to shall pass...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

1st post of 2008...

PMS is a horrible thing.
I am blaming it for these feelings I am having.
I want to post, but I don't want to post. But I guess I will go ahead and post anyway.
I have had the "blahs" all day today.

Christmas was good. Spent time with family as long as we could.
I had to work Christmas Eve morning and then be back to work on the
27th, but we are thankful for the time that we did have with family.

I was thankful I got to see my Uncle Brian. I don't think I have seen him since our wedding.
We spent the day with him and had a great time. I told him about my blog! (So, Hey Uncle Brian if you are reading)

We got so many photo Christmas cards. I love looking at them and having them displayed so that I can be reminded of our friends and family!

I got some great thoughtful gifts. Maggie got me a cute lanyard
for my work ID and an Itunes gift card. Paige and her family gave me some perfect cards for the stamp I got from Alan's parents. Lauren also gave me some notecards and a notepad to go with the stamp. So cute! Alan gave me an iPod case and an iPod dock. He also gave me a bulldog statue. He's concrete and stained black. He's sitting on our hearth right now. Alan also got me the large Tuscan Baker from Southern Living at Home(can't find a picture). I must say I love it. My parents gave us the Wallace Sleigh Bell ornament for 2007. We have gotten one every year since we have been married. One day we will have a tree full of beautiful silver bells. (My sister has 10! She and Zack just celebrated 10 years of marriage on December 26th.)

The also got us two of our everyday glasses. They were only available at one small store in Alabama when we registered. So that's the reason we are still collecting. :)

I also recieved some very nice sewing scissors. And a mini pair to go with these.Alan's parents got me the WillowTree Creche for my nativity. They also got me the ox and goat to go with the nativity. My collection is complete.

My parents also got me a cast iron covered pot. It's made by Chantal. Their products can be found at TJMaxx and Marshalls. This picture is of the ceramic non-lidded version. I used it last night to make taco soup. It works really well. And it is so cute!

Those were a few of my favorite things!

So anyways. I am gonna list the rest of the stuff I want to say.

1. Alan and I spent New Years Eve at home. We played Monopoly for almost 4 hours! I am so competitive. I won!!!

2. Pray for little Luke, the baby of our friends Ken and Libby.

3. I have been working on my "guest basket". So far I have shower gel and soap from Bath and Body Works. I have a sweet Citrus Cilantro candle from Pier One. All I have left to buy are the towels, washcloths, and a basket. Then I'll need some overnight guests! :)

4. Alan and I need to invest in some nice steak knives.

5. I still haven't taken down our Christmas decorations. I am still enjoying looking at them. It may happen this weekend.

6. I'm getting my hair cut this Saturday morning in Milledgeville. A good hair cut is worth the drive! I get to see Lauren too! Yeah!

7. My nephew Taylor is getting baptized. He wants our Paw-Paw to baptize him. I am so proud and thankful! What a huge and important decision! He is such a sweet, loveable little kid.

8. I am saving up for the Canon Digital Rebel XTi.

9. I'm reading Captivating. I want to read more in 2008.

10. I am so blessed! Beyond blessed.

11. I am happy to hear that a girl from my nursing class is expecting a little boy this month after some struggles with infertility!

12. Alan and I have been together 6 years as of January 2nd.

Happy New Year everyone!