Wednesday, June 30, 2010

dining room

So after seeing board and batten everywhere in blogland...
I started wanting it in our dining room.
So I researched it, read tutorials, and then talked it over with Alan.
Of course, my handy dandy husband was all about it.
We started it about three weeks ago...
(I use the term "we" loosely. We all know Alan did most of the work.
And he did fabulous at that!)
and tonight we finally FINISHED it.
I love it!

So here is the dining room before we moved in.
Even though I love red, and I had a red kitchen in Athens...
I was ready to see this "paprika" color go away.

Here is the dining room after we painted the room chocolate brown.
(Notice the red candles still on the table...gotta get rid of those.)

So here is the room in the middle of putting up the board and batten.
We also added window molding and door trim.
I need to take a real "after" picture now.
I found a chandelier at Goodwill that I like better than the
one that was already here.
I painted it using some oil-rubbed bronze spray paint.
Alan hung it tonight.
I just need to recover the shades I bought for it.
(the old one is gonna be listed on craigslist if anyone wants it.)

Hopefully I will get the true "after" minus any accessories
taken and uploaded soon.
(I have been having issues with uploading my pictures
and photoshop will not open...ugghhh)
I have an excellent blank slate to work with...
just don't know how to accessorize at the moment.

Moving on to the next project...
(Thanks Boo, Love you!)

Monday, June 21, 2010


months, that is.
Rowan turned 11 months yesterday!
I am just finding it so hard to believe.

At eleven months...
You my sweet, precious, 24.2 pound boy are...
wearing size 4 diapers.
wearing size 12-24 months clothes.
saying "mama" and "dada".
We think you said "dog" yesterday at your
G-ma and Papa's house.
cutting your third tooth.
enjoying riding in your red wagon and playing
in your baby pool.
just like momma when you get hot...those cheeks turn bright red!
eating lots and lots of table food.
You tried chicken and a peach for the first time on Saturday.
You loved both of them!
so BUSY! Momma feels like a broken record. I constantly
tell you "no-no". We have started "popping" you on the hand.
(This stage makes me feel like I am a horrible mom.)
still taking 3-4 bottles a day...
but we started introducing whole milk last Friday.
So far, so good!
still takin two naps...well sometimes it is only one long one!
destroying the house. You love to knock stuff off of tables
and throw stuff. Oh...just making momma crazy.
showing no sign of walking...and I am so ok with that.
such a joy!

We are so glad you are ours and
every day we love you more!