Thursday, April 30, 2009


The crib came in a few weeks ago!
We have the mattress and the bedding.
Tonight we ordered the chair and the furniture!
Won't that sweet little pillow look
so cute sitting there!

but...we still need a place to live!

I can't believe we only have
12 more weeks till we finally get to meet
our sweet little Rowan!

My coming home outfit...

Sunday night Mom and I went rummaging through
her cedar chest for my coming home outfit...
And we found it!

I am gonna put Rowan in it when he gets least for a picture!

more baby stuff!

(Remember the extra twin sized bed skirt I ordered...)
I had a picture in my head of the pillow I wanted
for Rowan's nursery.
I wanted it to be rectangular with chocolate brown piping
and his name monogrammed HUGE on the front.
Well, Momma made the exact pillow I wanted!
It looks very professional complete with the piping
and a french seam in the back.
I thought I was gonna need to order a
pillow form from Restoration Hardware, but
we found the perfect pillow form at trusty old
Wal-mart for 6 dollars! It looks great!
I dropped it off this afternoon to be monogrammed!

Here are a few more burp cloths I made this past weekend
while I was in Alabama.

Well, I gotta run...we are going to order Rowan's
furniture and the glider this afternoon.
Then dinner afterwards!

I have more to share later...

"The" shopping cart cover...

this is the cover stretched over my sewing machine case lid.

Two weekends ago I headed to Alabama
by myself to spend the whole weekend.
One of the goals of the trip was to make a shopping cart cover
for Rowan. Now we all know that my sewing skills are less
than perfect. So, I enlist the help of my big sister
Paige for complicated projects.
She is more than willing to help...especially if it's for Rowan.
I had already bought the supplies, prepared the pattern
and washed the fabric.

So we started working on the "project" on Friday morning.
Paige told mom it would take us 2 hours...
Well, in all actuallity it ended up taking us probably 8 hours.
The pattern was terrible. I'm throwing it away.
We had to basically figure out how the thing went together all by ourselves.
After all the blood, sweat, and tears it turned out precious.
We took it to the store and tried it out.

All it needs is a precious little boy sitting in it to make it complete.

Paige, thanks for helping me!
We love you!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


it's way too late.
past my bedtime.
11:18 pm.
gotta work tomorrow.
the house is quiet.
everyone else in bed.

sitting here.
thinking about my baby boy.
Rowan Alan.
13 more weeks.
our precious little boy.

thinking about...
his looks.
his hair.
his face.
his eyes.

how much i will love him.
how much he will change me.
how i can't wait to hold him.
how i can't wait to kiss his cheeks.
how i can't wait to see Alan as a daddy.

those last few days of just Alan and i.
that first glimpse of him.

never will be prepared.
really overwhelmed.

probably why i am up way too late.
past my bedtime.
thinking about our little boy.
Rowan Alan.
our precious little one.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

coming home outfit...

Here are some pictures I took
of Rowan's coming home
outfit and matching blanket!
The pictures hardly do it justice.

I noticed today that my pregnancy ticker
now says..."Only 96 more days"!
We are so excited to meet our little boy,
but a little anxious about all the details
that must be worked out by then!
Keep praying!

Friday, April 10, 2009

quick update...

Our doctors appointment this morning went GREAT!
Rowan's heartrate was 151.
Dr. Harper told me I was boring, because I had no questions,
concerns, or issues.
I say Praise the Lord for that.
I am so overwhelmed when I think about being a momma!
Only ~15 weeks to go!

We had a lady look at our house yesterday afternoon! YEAH!
She loved it, and we should know something from her in 2 weeks...
as she has some decisions to make.
We have some MORE people coming to look on Sunday afternoon.
We have been trying to lower our price all week...but roadblocks have
been going up everywhere. I guess God thinks the price is fine where it is!
Today our realtor told us to hang tight where we are with our price.
Tears fill my eyes every time I think about these people coming to look...
Oh, me of little faith...
I just told Lauren the other day that I have decided to take my hands
out of it...and just allow God to be God with our house.
I have gotten to the point where I know I can't "help" Him.
He doesn't want or need my help, just my dependence on Him.

I just picked up the book "Miserly Moms" from the Christian bookstore.
I am planning to read it with an open mind this weekend.
We still don't know what we are gonna do with Rowan.
Will I continue working or will I stay at home?
Praying for wisdom and guidance in this area too.

I had brunch with some of my favorite girls this morning.
It was a "LaWillNuBill" reunion and the additions
that have joined our families in the past three years.
2 baby girls 2 baby boys...and soon another baby boy!
LaWillNuBill is a combination of our last names (prior to getting married).
We had a great time!
So thankful to have these girls in my life.

Our crib was sitting on the front porch when I got home!!!
We ordered it Monday and it came Friday!
I can't wait to have it set up soon!

As I was driving this morning I was wondering what
the sky looked like on this day many years ago when
Jesus died on the Cross for us.
What it must have felt like to be Jesus' momma?
And how I couldn't imagine giving my child up for anyone or anything.

I'm grateful for the Cross, for salvation, for God's perfect
and complete grace.

Happy Easter and have a great weekend!

Monday, April 6, 2009

not really a BIG deal...

Some people are begging God for a child.
Some people are begging God for their child to live.
Some people are begging God for salvation for their children.

Some people are praying for God to cure their mom from cancer.
Some people are praying for God to cure their husband from cancer.

Some people are rebuilding their homes that have
been destroyed by floods, tornados, and fires.

Some people are asking God to save their marriage.
Some people are asking God for their husbands just to say "I love you".

Some people are begging God to save their home from foreclosure.
Some people are drowning in debt and completely hopeless,
asking that God would grant them mercy financially.

Some people are battling health conditions that have
been labelled "terminal".

Some people are asking God for a job.

And here I sit tonight...
With a precious baby boy in my belly.
One who is actively kicking me right this second.
Who is healthy in every way.

With a sweet, husband in the next room watching
Fox News just like he does every night.
Who tells me he loves me more times than I can count each day.
Who is healthy, and loving, and patient...and the list goes on.

With a house that has been perfect for us for the past three years.
A great starter home.
One that is waiting for the perfect buyers.
One that I hate to say good bye to...

With two healthy parents who raised me in a Christian, home...
One where God is doing amazing things.
And they love me more than I probably know.

With finances that are taken care of by my husband.
Who looks out for us and makes wise decisions for us.
Who yields to God's way of handling money.

With a great job...and even Alan has a great job.

I (we) have so much to be thankful for.
All I (we) am really asking God for our house to sell...
but what it all boils down to is...
it's not really a BIG deal.

Right now I am counting my blessings...not my worries.
Trusting that God works all things together for the good to those who love him.
Trusting that He has the master plan for us.
Trusting that in time we will know why we were here.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

coming home outfit!

It came today!

It's absolutely adorable!

Exactly what I wanted to bring our little bundle home in!

I don't have time to grab a picture...maybe tomorrow!

Only 16 more weeks until our due date!

Now...on to the the "home" know...
having a home...
I guess that's a crucial part to bringing a baby home?!?
Please pray!