Monday, March 31, 2008


just got home from the gym.
i seriously had to make myself go.
but now, i am so glad i did.
ellipitical for 30 minutes.
treadmill (walk/jogging) for 15.
my goal is to start running on the treadmill.
i would love to be one of those people that
can run....and run...and run... (like Brionne).

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday!
Happy Birthday Ms. Beth!

oh, and this is random...
did you know that Sonic has a happy hour from 2-4pm and
you can get drinks half off?
if you have never had a Sonic Diet Coke with Vanilla
run to your nearest Sonic to try one!
They are yummy!
Alan is hooked as well!

I am really appreciative of Alan.
He got my oil changed today.
He took my car to get the transmission serviced.
He pays the bills.
He takes out the trash.
He takes care of me.
He makes his own appointments.
He calls me just to say he loves me!
I was talking with a co-worker of mine,
and she was telling me about the stress her husband
adds to her life. I just can't imagine that!
Alan is a stress-reliever in more ways that one. ;)
So thankful that God has allowed me to do life with him!

And Mondays...they just stink sometimes.
But I am so thankful for my job (most days).
Attitude really is everything.
While I don't share the same morals
as most of my co-workers, we can laugh and have a good time.

And now a bit on more and less...
I have been trying to live with less.

Less trips to Hobby Lobby...
Less trips to Target...
Less trips to the vending machine for D.C...
Less eating out...
Less wasting time...
Less wasteful spending...
Less traveling...

I have been doing this for several reasons...
things are costing more (gas, groceries, D.C.).
i have been wasting lots of time.
i have been wasting lots of money.

God calls us to be faithful stewards of our (His) money,
but also our time too.

I have just felt convicted about being so wasteful.

The neat thing is...

I have spent more time at home.
We have spent less money.
We have spent more time together
I have been drinking less D.C. (I'm addicted).
I have been getting so much more done.
I have been going to the gym 6 days a week for 7 weeks.
Taking care of our bodies as they are temples is so important.
And it is something that I have not been taking so seriously.

It's all about balance.
Sometimes I get off balance.
It is a struggle for me because I am an all or nothing person.

How is your balance?
Are you being a faithful steward?

And because I don't like posting without a picture...
a picture of our phone.
Oh how I love talking on it...

peace out.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


such a loyal puppy.
She got a micro-chip implanted so we can never lose her.
that's all...

i should never be bored...

yo-yo's. have made one of these. cute.

make lots of yo-yos to make one of these.

fabric covered bucket. want to make one of these. maybe for Baby Brown's nursery?

fabric labels. need to make these for my dresses.

grass. springy-goodness.

fabric covered ponytail holders. you can also make magnets and thumbtacks! these are the same buttons I put on my dresses.

embroidered felt labels. precious.

bitty booties. i'm so making some of these for baby Brown.

pincushions. gotta love these.

if you combine the yo-yo and the fabric covered button you get this.

totally cute lampshades. I tried to talk Libby into making one of these to match Luke's nursery!



the blog.
new colors.
new music.
new picture. (well, it's in sepia now)
got rid of some stuff.
changed the size of some of the fonts.
created my signature.

and i like it so much better! :)

if only i could add polka dots!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

what's been going on...

week 7 at the gym is over. it's going great.

talked to my old bible study leader and friend from
college, Karen, the other night for a while.
so good to be in touch with her still...8 years later!
total sweetheart. so personal. great memory.
and she is so challenging! (Hi Karen!)

i also heard from my friend Lescoe!
i just love hearing from old friends!
(Hi Lescoe!)

i took the day off on Friday.
i got a haircut.
i ate lunch with Alan.
i sewed...almost done with two more dresses.
promised myself i will take off from work more.
life's too short.

Lauren had a doctors appointment on Friday.
Baby Brown is doing well! As are momma and daddy!
Only 27 more weeks!

we bought a new tree for the front of our
house today. i didn't take a picture...
but i will soon.

today we went to r. wood studio.
i loved it.
i love their pottery.
i read about them in Southern Living and also
Mary Englebriet's Home Companion.
I want a piece of their pottery.
one of the brightly colored scalloped platters.

we also drove around the Botanical Gardens.
the weather was a bit unpredictable so we didn't get out
of the car. the daffodils were amazing though.
we are planning to go back soon.

getting ready to celebrate our 3rd anniversary in May!
Alan asked me what i wanted.
he wanted to get me a wrap for my engagement ring, but i
want a new wedding band something like this...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lexi and crafts...

He loves this little girl...and can you imagine
what it will be like when we have one of our own?

Wreath form, red ribbon, and gold and red ornaments...

details to follow...

Two more dresses in progress... (oops...they were upside down).

longer post tomorrow...I'm tired and ready to go to bed!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008


totally need to buy the stuff to make some personalized
labels for the clothes I have been sewing...
found a tutorial here.

i love polka dots... i love platters...
i love this polka dot platter!

tomorrow starts week 6 at the gym! Amazing!

Cade turned 7 yesterday!

I love my husband! I love our relationship!


Friday, March 14, 2008


so, so, so tired today...i can barely keep my eyes open.
there is something about being woken up at 1am and
not getting back home till 4am, that is just not pleasant.

I have worked 22 hours in the past two days...
plus daylights savings...

i'm going to bed...

and this is what I love about spring...and my camera!

Monday, March 10, 2008

funny story...

A little background first...
Cade will turn 7 on Saturday.
Taylor will turn 10 on April 6th.

So they have been asking for a trampoline,
and Paige and Zack agreed to get it for them
if they were okay with not having a party.
They explained to them that a trampoline was
a big present and it costs more than what they would
normally get. So they were cool with no party.
Paige told me that Saturday at the family
reunion Cade was telling everybody that his
birthday was coming soon, but his mom
couldn't afford a party!!!
Leaving out the fact that they
were getting a trampoline.

He is so precious and funny!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

meet Bella & more dresses...

here is Bella Brown.
Lauren and Chris' puppy.
She is so cute, and she has warmed up to
Alan and I finally.
I snapped this picture yesterday!

And here are the dresses. Number 1 with bows!

Number 2 not completely finished.
Remember it's messed up...or I think it is.
Still needs to be hemmed.
Number 3 that I made from start to finish this afternoon.
I am planning to add bows to the last two as well.
I really enjoy sewing.
It's neat to start with a piece of fabric and
hours later you have a dress.
I still want to sign up for sewing classes!
There is so much more to learn.

I am also really enjoying my camera!
It is so convenient and easy to use!

Also, if you will notice the buttons on dress #2 and#3.
They are fabric covered buttons.
I saw these when mom and I were at Wal-mart.
I wanted these because number one, they are cheap.
4 buttons for $1.57.
Also, I won't have to search for buttons to match.
Which is very important to me because
I want things to match exactly.
But anyways Mom told me they weren't as easy
as I thought they were gonna be.
Well, to my surprise. They are super easy,
I love the way they look.
and they only take 1 minute per button to make!

Hobby Lobby had patterns on sale for 99 cents last week.
If you don't know anything about patterns, they are usually
7-15 dollars each. So I was excited. I bought three new ones.
One of the patterns is for a romper or a jon-jon for a little boy!
I bought light green gingham fabric.
And I can't wait to make it!
And would you just look at my counter to the right...
and y'all don't leave comments...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

people it's snowing

what on Earth. I knew they predicted it, but didn't think it would really happen.
I just decorated for spring, and I have an Easter egg wreath on my door.
I'm ready for Spring time...

Friday, March 7, 2008

finally friday

just ordered this bag in hot pink. got free shipping.
you can too, just use the code below.

At checkout, on the Billing Information page,
go to the section labeled
“Source Code” (below the credit card payment box).
Enter the Source Code BLOOM and the
PIN 487901283 in the space provided.

want to plant grass like this for Easter.

and dye eggs, since I didn't do it last year.
Alan made fun of me for wanting to do it,
this year I don't care.

have been wanting to make my handwriting into a font...
you can do it here for a mere $9.00.
or you could possibly get a free handwriting font here.

want to make pillow covers for my rocking chairs on
the front porch with the fabric from
the tablecloth I made for Libby's shower.

going to Milledgeville tomorrow on a spur-of-the-moment
trip. i get to see Lauren again!!! she is already 10 weeks!
she said she has been eating pickles this weekend.
so maybe she will want to go to Scoops for some
ice cream is so cute in there,
and the ice cream is so good!
and for you local people reading my blog,
there is a new Scoops in Watkinsville.

we have officially completed 4 solid, consecutive weeks at the gym!

have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

it's beginning to look alot like...

Spring time at our house!
I bought the precious little tablecloth two Fridays ago
in Madison when Lauren and I met for lunch.
I just love it!

Then I had to change out the candles on the center of the
table. Hot pink pillars from Hobby Lobby!
And of course the hurricanes that I constantly change out...
filled with eggs, with candles to match!
I love decorating for the holidays!

This weekend I want to stay home and...
make cards,
make a Christmas wreath,
go to the gym,
go to the Botanical Gardens and take pictures,
and hang out with Alan!

I wish it wasn't too soon to plant flowers!

And if you have been following American Idol...isn't David Archuleta
just adorable.

Monday, March 3, 2008

quiche from the other day...

just thought I would post the picture since I took this just for the blog...


Lauren and Chris came over. They brought Bella, their miniature dachshund.
Lauren and Chris also brought some pictures of baby Brown! Lauren had her
first ultrasound on Friday and the MD said everything looks great! Praise the Lord!
Libby and Ken came over and brought Luke, the cutie pie in the above picture.
We ordered Mellow Mushroom and hung out around the house.
The girls and Luke took a trip to several stores around Athens.

We went to Rattles and Rhymes first, and you will not believe who we saw...
Jamie Deen!!!

(pictured here on the left)

Paula Deen's son! I was so excited! I didn't want to make a big scene, but I did tell him "Hey!" while grining ear-to-ear. Later, he started a conversation with Libby about Luke. Libby played completely dumb. She asked him if he had children, she asked the name of her child, etc.
All the while, I am answering all Libby's questions to him in my head.
But he was totally cool. We never mentioned anything about who he was even though I was dying to! Alan told me I should have asked him where his Momma was?
We figured if he was annoyed by my goofy, star-stricken "hey" he wouldn't have talked to us.
Alan said he probably likes talking to fans like us!
He clearly knew that we knew who he was, but we didn't make a big scene!

If you know me well you know that I love Paula Deen.
I have her cookbooks, I get her magazine, I get her online newsletters, and I Tivo every one of her shows on Food Network. I think she is hilarious! Her recipes are delicious even if they
have a pound of sugar and 2 sticks of butter in them. In fact I made her mini peanut butter cup cheesecakes on Saturday. They were very fattening, but so yummy!

Well, enough about that. I made two bows for the green and pink dress.
Let me just tell you...A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!
I tried to finish dress #2, but I think I royally messed up the button holes.
Paige swears we can fix it. (Ummm...she hasn't seen it!)
I bought more fabric to sew another dress. It's aqua and brown polka dots.
I hope to start it later tonight.

And speaking of Paige...she made these cute overalls...

She put them in a kids clothing sale called Sweet Repeats in the town where she lives.
She went to Saturday to shop for her boys and she looked to see if the overalls were still there...and one pair was gone! I'm so proud of her!
Well, it's gym and tanning time...