Tuesday, May 29, 2007


A Cute TJMaxx find!
Will be so cute on my scrapbook desk!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

the desk...

here she is...sitting in the garage! We just need to add a few pieces of wood,
sand her, and paint her. I also want to change the
hardware. Alan has been working on the desk all morning.
Maybe we will finish it before the weekend is over!

Thursday, May 24, 2007


and out...that's how i feel. pray for me please. that's all i got for today.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blood and flowers

So I gave blood yesterday. Double reds at that.
That means two units of red blood cells.
They gave me the plasma back. But needless to say. I am tired and woozy.
I have been laying on the couch since 3:15 when I got home from work. I think I might try to give one pint from now on.

These are the flowers that are on my front porch.
They are thriving and I am so glad.
They look so "our house".
We put out some new pinestraw last night around all of our bushes.
The yard is looking good.

I need to share details of our anniversary...Well we slept in (so nice). Then we got up and went to the Georgia Aquarium. We had a great time. I am so amazed that God made all those sea creatures. Then we went to Ikea. We were looking for a scrapbook table/desk for me. Then we went to Archivers at the Mall of Georgia. We ate dinner at P.F. Changs China Bistro. We had a great day. So much fun to take off work and spend the day together.

About the scrapbook table/desk. We didn't find one at Ikea. We haven't found one anywhere around Athens either. But yesterday a guy Alan works with tells him that he has a desk I might like. It was built in, but the guy recently ripped it out. It has three drawers for storage. It has a hutch (yippee). The hutch has three adjustable shelves. All it needs is a little TLC and it will be perfect!!! I am so excited. Alan is working on it in the garage right now. He just asked me if I wanted a before and after picture. But of course babe! So we are going to sand it down this weekend, and paint it. I will share pictures when it is complete.

Well I'm off. American Idol finishes tonight! I like both Jordin and Blake, but I think Jordin is gonna win!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Two years ago today...

we got married. I am so thankful for the past two years. It sounds so cliche, but I am so glad the God gave me such a perfect helpmeet. He is my best friend.
He is the love of my life! Really!

This picture was taken on our wedding day only minutes after we said "I do"! I was so stinking excited to married to Alan! I still feel this way about you, babe!

Alan sent me these roses to work on Friday. 24 beautiful red roses! That afternoon when we got home from work he told me, "I'm never gonna stop sending you flowers, you know". The guys at work were messin' with him about sending me flowers. It seems like we are always hearing "Just wait till you have kids", or "Y'all are just newlyweds, wait till you have been married for 13 years", or "That is such a waste of money", or "y'all are just newlyweds, you'll get over it soon", or y'all make me sick".Well, I've got news for them...There are some people that never make it a year. And there are some people who may make it through that first year or two but they are miserable. It is just so disappointing to hear people talk about how bad marriage is. It is discouraging to know that so many people don't have what he have.

But anyways Happy Anniversay babe and I love you!
And I hope I never get over it!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothers Day...

These were the Mothers Day flowers we sent to our Moms. Pretty, right!
And just a little shout out for my Mom.
She hardly ever gets on here, but when you do Mom,
just want you to know that I love you so much!
I am thankful for you!
Thankful for all those things you did to show me you loved me.
Thankful for all the dresses you made us.
Thankful for all the pictures you took of us wearing the dresses you made us.
Thankful for the ponytails you did every single day when I was little.
Thankful that you made us write thank-you notes.
Thankful that you loved me unconditionally.
Thankful that you taught us about the Lord.
Thankful for all the prayers you prayed.
Thankful that you taught us the importance of doing chores and learning responsibility.
Thankful that you worked so hard for us to be able to go to summer camp, mission trips, and family vacations.
Thankful that you drove us all over the place even when you would have rather been doing anything but hauling us around.
Thankful that you always said "Remember who's you are".
Thankful that you sent me notes and cards in college.
Thankful that you always told us we were special!
I could probably go on and on!
Happy Mother's Day (one day later)!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

So much to say...


That is how much I spent at Hallmark this afternoon on cards.
So grateful that we have so many people to send cards too.
Mother's Day, You're Expecting, Birthdays...it is so exciting!

Gatlinburg was a lot of fun. We had a great time relaxing, shopping, eating, and enjoying each others company! Came back refreshed, but tired.

This past weekend we ended up replacing about 3/4's of the flowers we planted in April that died after the "freeze". They are looking good now though. And the hanging baskets we created a few weeks ago. They are filling in very nicely. They are beautiful!

Took care of Mother's Day gifts today! I will share after Mother's Day of course!

Well, I better get going! I have lots to do!