Friday, May 29, 2009

8 more weeks & 13 more days...

I can't believe I am 32 weeks pregnant!
The doctor told me that we will be "out of the woods"
in three weeks. At 35 weeks, Rowan should be able
to breathe on his own and do well.
Am I ready in three weeks, no, but I don't think
he will be making an early appearance.
But I realize I can't control this either...
and we will welcome our little one whenever he is ready!
He also thinks Rowan's head is already down.
Of course he still has room to move around...
so he could flip, but without a doubt the time
is drawing near.
Isn't it crazy how God creates the baby
and then things occur naturally in preparation
for a baby's arrival. It's truly amazing!
I go back to the doctor on June 16th.
Then I think we start going every week.

I have been having extreme heartburn.
It wakes me up at night and I fight it during the day.
I am trying to stay away from medication for it.
I just keep picturing Rowan as a hairy little monkey baby!

13 more days until our official move in date!
Can I just say I am about to explode with excitement!
The chair for the nursery is in!
The bedroom suite was shipping from Atlanta yesterday!
So they will be able to deliver it as soon as we get in.
How perfect did that turn out?
I am ready to get in that nursery and play!

We are headed back to Alabama for the weekend.
My Maw-Maw is turning 80 on Saturday!
We are throwing her a Brunch Birthday Celebration
tomorrow morning from 10-12.
We have been planning it for many weeks,
so of course we are excited that it is finally here.

Well, I better get going.
I have errands to run!

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Shauna said...

Hey girl-get you a prescription for Nexium. It is not harmful to the baby. I took it the whole time during my pregnancy and all through breastfeeding. Maybe thats why Kyndall never had Colic? :o) It was a lifesaver. It was the only medication I ever took.