Monday, February 14, 2011

to alan.

                                                                                            picture by Two Chics Photography

because of HIS love. 

you are my first love. 

and because of our love. 

we have our little love!

i love you! 

Friday, February 11, 2011

A few of my favorite blogs...

Random picture of Rowan from 1 yr ago.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite blogs with y'all!
These are the ones that make me avoid my laundry and keep me up late at night. :)

Hello crafty goodness!
My favorite part of her blog is the  Weekend Wrap-up Party!
This weeks just started! You should click on over and go check it out!
Basically if you do anything crafty during the week,
you can link up to the "Party" starting on Friday night. She does mulitiple
features throughout the week of her favorite projects!
Last week she had over 700 link-ups.
Talk about some serious inspiration!

The Nester...well...she just rocks!
She is a mom of three boys, a wife, a Christian, a very successful blogger
and a decorator. Her philosophy is
It doesn't have to be perfect, to be beautiful!
And I think that is just wonderful!
She used to live in Macon...and that is just cool to me.

Kelly's blog is such a fun read. She is a
beautiful girl on the inside and out. She writes about
her daughter, her family, her faith, and her everyday life.
I promise you will love her if you start reading her blog.
She also loves monograms, sonic diet cokes, smocked clothes,
and southern cooking! What's not to love about that! :)

House of Smith's
I haven't been following Shelley's blog very long, but I just love it!
She does the cutest things in her house and writes tutorials so you can do them too!
I love the way she decorates for every single holiday.
How does she have the time?
She has three adorable little girls and a vinyl business.
You should definitely head over and check her out!

Katie was born in 1981, she lives in Georgia,
and she is momma to a precious baby boy!
She and her husband totally remodeled their current house!
It is so amazing.
They are in the process of buying a foreclosure, also
known as their dream home.
I can't wait to see all that they are gonna do with their new house.
She has awesome tutorials, photography tips, and before and afters.
She even taught me how to tie a bow on a package...via
YouTube! :)
Layla and Kevin live in an adorable cottage in Alabama!
How sweet, right?
Their home is absolutely adorable and magazine worthy.
They are awesome DIY-ers and dreamers.
They are in the process of adopting two children from Ethiopia!

The Gaines Gang
Kate has awesome tips and tricks on her blog.
Her posts are short and sweet but yet packed full of  useful information.
I bought an eggsact timer because of her and I stinkin' love that thing!
She throws some jam up parties, she loves Goodwill, and
she has a very pretty lived in house!

I just found Libby's blog last week!
She has some great blogging tutorials.
She has a little boy that is just older than Rowan.
She is just getting into photography too.
You need to check out her tumblr too! Such cute things!

Just thought y'all might enjoy reading some of my favorite blogs too.
I tried to give a preview of each one, but I have not done these girls justice!
Let me know if you visit them!
What are some of your favorite blogs?

Friday, February 4, 2011

the book winner!

Oh...this was so much fun!
Thank you all for your entries. I loved reading what you
are all thankful for!
We are all truly blessed!

Ok...So I cut up the entries and folded them. I placed them in my yellow polka-dotted bowl
(you know, since it is so gray and rainy outside), and had little boo pull out just one. Yeah, right!!!
What really happened is he grabbed a whole handful and then ran away from me...laughing all the way!
The winner was the one that was left in his hand after he either dropped them,
or I grabbed them from his hand.
I wish I could have given away a whole handful of this wonderful book!

                         this was just before the snatch and run...he looks so innocent doesn't he.

The winner is...
Mama of the Mac girls.
She happens to be one of my good friends from high school.
She is soon gonna have to change her name because she is
due in March with her third child...a little BOY!
Blakley is a busy stay at home mommy, an avid couponer, a youth ministers
wife, and she writes some super cool posts about how her girls teach
her about God's love and her latest decorating projects.
I know she will read this book...because she is always reading something!
I may even let her share here about what she learns from One Thousand Gifts!

I still encourage you all to read this book.
You can borrow my copy if you want!
(P.S. It's on sale at and Valentine's Day is just around the corner!)

Much Love and thankfulness!
Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

today i am gonna be thankful...

for the crumbs on the floor. because they mean we have food.

for the toys thrown about the entire downstairs. because they mean i have a precious child.

for the rain outside. because it means i get to stay inside our cozy home ALL day long.

for all the drama at work. because it means i have a job.

for my to do list. because it means i am able to complete a list.

for the smudges on my glasses. because at least i can see them.

for the two loads of laundry i need to fold and the three loads that are waiting to be done. because they mean we have clothes on our backs, towels to dry with, and sheets to lay under.

I am in the midst of reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.
(Scroll down to see a trailer for the book. I have watched it at least five times.)
To say that it is an amazing book is an understatement.
It is fabulous.
Its about being thankful.
And seeing God in everything.
Because these days are microscopic, fleeting moments.
And we have to learn how to stay fully awake! (Ann's words)

Also, this month marks the FOUR year anniversary of my blog.
I wrote my first post on February 10, 2007.
I like to say I blogged before blogging was cool!

So to celebrate I am going to do my first ever giveaway!
I am giving a copy of One Thousand Gifts.
All you need to do to enter is:
1. Become a follower, if you aren't already (over there on the right) and
2. Leave me a comment on what you are thankful for today!
I will have Rowan draw a name for me on Friday before his naptime!