Friday, June 26, 2009


Alan and I are all settled in at the apartment.
Life is good! Great actually!
Rowan's room is fixed up and just looks precious!
I wish you all could see!
Things are continuing to go well with the pregnancy!
I'm still working and taking call at work!
We are looking forward to meeting our little one sometime
in the next month.
We are very close to deciding on a church home.
Things are really coming together!

Thanks for your prayers!

We don't have internet at the apartment...
not sure when we will have it up and running again?!?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Moving day!

It's finally here!

I am thrilled!

On my way to meet Alan and the movers
at the apartment!

Monday, June 8, 2009

and my cup overflows...

in more ways than one...

We had another wonderful shower on Saturday morning.
Great friends.
Good food...especially the petit fours.
Awesome gifts.
I especially enjoyed my belly being rubbed on! :)
Libby and Lauren throw a mean shower! :)
We are blessed to have such precious friends.
My cup overflows...

Saturday afternoon we closed on our apartment!
I never thought I would be as excited as I am to live in a
2 bedroom, 1 bath, 1300 sq. ft. little abode.
But I feel as blessed as ever, and thrilled to have a place to call our own.
It feels and looks like a palace to me.
Because of our excitement...we decided to spend
the night in our apartment on a queen-sized air mattress.
Let's just say pregnant women and air mattresses don't mix.
However we made memories that we can look back and laugh about.
It is so quiet at the apartment.
It is so clean and open.
Everything is white which will take getting used too,
but immaculately clean!
It is wonderful to have the thermostat set on 68!
(Rowan and his dad are very happy about this,
because Mommy is much happier!) I just called myself Mommy.
It is wonderful to have privacy.
It is wonderful to have our own shower. toilet. sink. etc.
It is wonderful to open our blinds and let sunshine in.
It is wonderful to organize and have room for our stuff again.
It is wonderful to have Alan and Hollie time.
It is wonderful to peer in the room that belongs to our precious
little baby boy and see his crib almost ready for him.
It is wonderful to play my iPod and not have to wonder if it is too loud.
It is just wonderful all together...if you ask me.
My cup overflows...

Alan got the crib put up...eeekkkk! It's so precious.
I can't wait to put the mattress on it and put the bedding on it.
He also put the swing together.
He would have put together the high chair if I would have let him!
I'm so glad my husband is so excited and eager about having a baby!
My cup overflows...

Sunday afternoon we headed to our house for one final time.
It was wonderful to sleep in our bed... we all had a much better night!
I looked around our house Saturday night thinking about all
the memories we have created there.
As if there aren't enough emotions wreaking havoc right now...
It was our first home...
One we loved.
One that we made our own.
On the way back from Wal-mart last night...
I burst into tears.
Partly because I am a little stressed, emotional, and exhausted
but also because it's hard to say goodbye.
No matter how ready you are for the next chapter of life...
it's hard to say goodbye.
No matter the fact that the house has been a "thorn in my side"
because of it not's still hard to say goodbye.
But my cup overflows still....

This morning the team of packers from the moving company
showed up at 8:30.
The team consisted of Tim, James, and Todd.
They are angels in my eyes.
They took good care of our things,
and packed our entire house, garage, and shed by 3:30.
I layed on the couch with my marshmellows, I mean feet, elevated
while they worked.
They will be back tomorrow morning to load everything up.
I can't tell you how thankful I am to have them!!!
My cup overflows...

Now...I don't think I am far enough past our situation to
see exactly how or why things worked out the way they did.
However...I do know that God has always known this exact plan.
He knew he had those jobs for us in Warner Robins.
He knew we would get pregnant in October.
He knew it would be June 8, 2009 and our house would still be on the market.
(And he knows when it WILL sell).
He knew we would be packing and moving into an apartment this week.

And you know what...I'm happy as a clam right now...
and I wonder if maybe God wanted us to endure for a little while...
so he could bless us with something
we never would have chosen for ourselves.
Bless us the way he wanted to bless us.
An unexpected pregnancy while living with the in-laws...
A little apartment to start our little family in...
And moving while 8 months pregnant.

I feel very blessed...
My cup overflows...
Stay tuned...

Monday, June 1, 2009

in the next 7.5 weeks...

5 days till we have another baby shower!

5 days till we "close" on our apartment.

7 days till the movers come to our house.

9 days till they unload our stuff.

9 days till we get to sleep in our bed again!

11 days till Rowan's furniture is delivered.

15 days till we have another doctors appointment.

52 days till our due date!

Things are busy around here...