Tuesday, May 12, 2009

monograms and more...

Our doctors appointment went great today.
We should know the results of the GTT
by the end of the week.
Rowan's heartbeat was good and strong.
I am measuring right on target.
I start going every two weeks now!!!
Our next appointment is May 27th!
Everyday I can't believe it...

After the appointment I went to pick
up the stuff I dropped off to be monogrammed.
I think it all turned out very cute!
I love, love, love, the pillow!

I bought this bib! Thought it was too precious to leave behind!

This afternoon Alan and I are going to the eye doctor for eye exams. My glasses have been broken for years, I think. I CANNOT see anything but outlines without my contacts in! I realized the other day that this would make things difficult with a brand new baby arriving soon since I will be the one nursing him several times a night. I dare not think I will be putting my contacts in every time he wakes up! So, I'm off to get new glasses today.

Another door closed with the house...Praying for another one to FLY open!


Roxanne said...

I'm ignorant..what's a GTT

Elizabeth H. said...

Adorable pillow!!!!

FYI about the eyes... your eyesight can get affected during pregnancy. I had to get a new prescription towards the last two months of my pregnancy with Caroline and then when she was 5 months old, I got a new eye exam (for a cornea infection) and it turns out - my eyes were back to 20/20 again?! I haven't worn glasses since! So weird. I've heard of a few other stories like that.

S.P.T. said...

oh my!!! I LOVE the pillow..sooooo cute! And the other goodies are precious too. You're in the home stretch now! I'll keep the house stuff in my prayers.