Thursday, July 29, 2010

beach memories.

I saw this idea in the Southern Living at Home catalog several years ago.
I love these candle holders (I have two.) because they have so much versatility.
I have used them as vases, candleholders, and now as a picture frame.

 I added a little craft sand from Wal-mart.
Then I added a 4x6 picture of Rowan in sepia tone that I printed
at CVS for 19 cents.
I added some seashells and sand dollars we found 
while we were at the beach.
I had some leftover jute from Rowan's party that
I tied around the base.
And there you have it. A very quick and easy
reminder of our beach memories.

And I never want to forget my sweet
boy crawling around on the beach, splashing in the saltwater,
and eating handfuls of sand.

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These are the invitations to Rowan's 1st Birthday party.
When I saw them I knew they were the ones.

emmie kate

meet emmie kate.
a new precious, beautiful bundle of love.
she belongs to our friends Libby and Ken.
her big brother is Luke.
we love them.

i made this wreath for them so
they could hang it on their front door.
everyone who passes by will know
a new baby GIRL has been born!

we can't wait to meet Miss Emmie Kate next week!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

quick and totally random post.

i think about blogging all the time...just can't quite get back into it. don't know why.
Maybe this is a start.

we need milk.

i {heart} diet coke.

i got the new Christmas with Southern Living today in the mail.
totally giddy about it. can't wait till Christmas.

speaking of Christmas...going to "the" mart on Nov. 10.
Let me know if you want anything.

went to Joann's tonight. it's brand-spankin' new. in macon. i loved it!

today...i am very thankful for my job. i really do like it.

rowan discovered the moon while we were at the beach.
it was awesome. to see the world through his eyes.

ROWAN is ONE! WHOA...where did time go. Still haven't blogged his
birth story.

haven't blogged about the beach, or his birthday, or his birthday party either.

my camry has 192, 596 miles on it. and still going strong!

getting ready for the next house project...closing in our "sitting room" which
is home to our computer. installing french doors. painting it a fresh blue color.

my mother-in-law is keeping Rowan this week. so thankful for her.

i am the most tan i have been in 2 years...motherhood.

lauren is my bff. her son is the funniest little guy i know.

i love to vacuum.

i want a new couch.

my husband is the bomb diggity. rowan loves him. even though he bit him for the 1st time
yesterday. :(

i have 2 thousand-and-something gifts 2 grow reward points from pampers diapers
and don't want to cash them in.

nothing beats your own bed. and pillow.

i thought i was fat in high school and college...yeah, whatever.

and finally...

this is a picture of Rowan at the beach for the first time, on his first birthday!

I made these on saved them to a disc. printed them at walgreens.
adhered a magnet to the back. placed them into a cellophane bag. tied them up with jute
and ribbon. and voila...his birthday party favor!

ok...good night.