Saturday, March 31, 2007


Went here to get some new clothes.
Ended up with a new dress, shoes and jewelry to match,
and a new shirt! Love all of it, and just proud of myself for
spending money on me.

Layed in the tanning bed.

Went to Wal-mart for groceries. Making breakfast for our
Sunday School class tomorrow.
Using my new mini-muffin pan from Pampered Chef.

Making mini-quiches. Also a fruit tray, and a crumb cake.

Need to make some cards tonight before bed. Our neice is turning 2. Our nephew is turning 9. And my friend Laura has a baby on the way, due April 15.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

this girl...

rocks. She is Lauren, my best friend. Has been my best friend for 9 years now.
Don't know what I'd do without her. I can always count on her!
She is what I miss most about Milledgeville!

Monday, March 19, 2007

new furniture...:)!

We went and picked it up on Saturday! Totally pleased and happy with it! The footboard has one little boo-boo, but we are going to be able to swap it out for a new one. So here it is...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

One year ago...

today we were moving to Athens.
Yesterday Alan and I were driving home from Alabama and asked him to describe this past year in
one word. We both agreed that "challenging" would be a great word to describe it.
This year has been full of change. Two new jobs. Buying a house. Leaving behind a great church.
Finding a new one. Leaving behind friends. Making new ones.

I grew up moving from place to place. My life has been full of change. But this move has been especially challenging. But it has helped Alan and I grow closer. I have learned more about who and what is more important in life. We have learned that God has placed us here for a reason (and hopefully a season) :). We are continuing to seek Him and the future plans he has for us.

I am thankful that this year is now behind us. I am thankful that I have a sort of settled feeling. I am thankful that I am not the new girl at work anymore. I am thankful that we have made friends, great friends at that. I am thankful that God has never left us.

Anyways. Of course I must share our little garden today. These things are growing like weeds...Hehehe.

And our first tulip bloomed today! Signs of new life! Signs of spring!

And looky what I found online... :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

dixie-doodle and our garden

I let Miss Dixie out to play in the yard earlier. Got a really cute picture of her.

She is so sweet. Such a good dog. I wish she didn't stink though.

And would you just take a look at these plants. They are growing like crazy. They trip me out.

I put my easter egg wreath up on Sunday night. I made it last year right before we moved into our house.

Only two more days till the weekend. We are going to Alabama to pick up our bedroom furniture. I am so excited. I need to get in there and start getting ready for it. :)

Monday, March 12, 2007

the beginning of our garden

Alan planted these plants a week ago today, and just take a look at these bad boys.
We are super excited about our garden!

Thursday, March 8, 2007


I thought I had almost twelve place settings, but I am several pieces short.

I just bought some china protectors. I came home and pulled out all my Dillards boxes and emptied them into there appropriate protector. Then I took inventory.

Here are the totals:

Dinner plates- 10

Salad plates- 7

Bread and butter plates- 10



I have 4 soup bowls and the creamer.

I should have exchanged these for the pieces I really need and would rather have.

But it's too late. Now I guess I will be asking for these for my birthday

and Christmas until I have twelve of everything.

Isn't it just beautiful though. Alan helped me pick it out. And the goblets.

Just beautiful as well. And I have twelve of those. :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


My monogrammed cards finally came today! Yeah!!! I want more personalized cards/stationary from this website.
I have ordered cards from her before and they were simply adorable!

Check out this adorable little baby blanket I got for my friend Cindy who is expecting
a little girl in April. Just had to take a picture and post it.

Just at home cleaning this afternoon. Getting some laundry done. Playing catch-up from the weekend. Looking forward to the coming up weekend. I get to go spend the night with Lauren in Milledgeville on Friday night. Saturday is the Wild Game Dinner at our old church, so we are going back for that. Can't wait to see old friends!!! It has almost been one year since we moved!

Well, Alan just got home and we are off to go get some dinner.