Thursday, July 9, 2009

where to start?

First of all I gotta say thank you to my sweet hubby
for getting the internet for us!
I didn't even beg or complain about not having it...
ok maybe once or twice, but not relentlessly.
With all of my family out of town, and lots of friends spread
out across the U.S. I have felt a little disconnected without
the world wide web.
We got a great deal, and so far it's pretty fast!

Ok, now for details about this pregnancy.
We are really ready for our little boy to arrive.
Today marks 38 weeks! I can't believe it.
I remember thinking July seems so far away.

On the morning of June 30th, while at work,
we checked my blood pressure. It was 135/99.
My nurse/tech friends were worried about me.
I guess I looked horrible because everyone was
looking at me like " poor thing".
My feet have been swelling for months now, but
this day they were "thankles".
As big around as my thighs...and if you have
seen my thighs lately...YIKES!
I already had a drs. appointment scheduled for
the next day.
They were telling me I probably wouldn't be back to work.
I was telling them they were probably wrong. :)

So we go to the doctor the afternoon of July 1st.
My blood pressure is 130 something over 80 something.
I have protein in my urine.
I have swollen ankles and legs.
I feel like a doo-doo sandwich. (Sorry).
I am dilated 1 cm, 50% effaced.

And guess what...I'm taken out of work.

He doesn't put me on bedrest just tells me to
rest, rest, rest, drink lots of clear liquids, take short walks,
and take it easy.
He tells me that if things aren't any different next week
we might need to intervene...or induce either on the 8th or 9th.

Well, I go back to the doctor on Monday.
My blood pressure is normal.
He doesn't mention anything about protein in my urine.
Minimal swelling.
I feel much better.
No change in dilation or effacement.

So, we have an appointment next Tuesday
and we will go from there.
I don't really want to be induced, but
I can't help but think about the maternity leave
that is passing by.
I'd rather let things progess normally as
God designed.
So, maybe I will just go in to labor on my own.
That's what we are praying for.

We have Rowan's room ready.
Alan is working on one more accent for his room.
It is very close to being finished.
I need to take and post pictures here soon.
We were blessed to get everything we need
for Rowan at baby showers.
Just waiting on him.


Shauna said...

Yeaaaaahhhh! So glad to have you back! I've missed reading about you and Rowan! Iwould have went crazy without the web! My, how times have changed! Just think, our kids will laugh at us many years down the road at our beloved internet and call us old-school because we know there will be something bigger and better by then! It will make our internet look like a record album compared to an Mp3 player. :o)

HaHa--My word verification is: 'sandin'

I will use it in a sentence.
"I don't like to get SANDIN my swimsuit. It itches."

Some of those word verifications make me crack up!

Jessica Leigh Alligood said...

Awww! I'm so glad to hear everything is ready- I hate to hear about your pressures... and protein... and swelling. Boo for that stuff- glad it's better now! Hope everything goes well for you (I'm sure it will). CANT WAIT To see pics of your sweet baby :D

Anonymous said...

I was in the exact same situation...high blood pressure, protein, swelling. My doctor wanted to induce on June 1 (which I was NOT crazy about) and I went into labor on my own May never know with these things! Just try to hang in there! My thoughts and prayers are with you. You'll be holding your precious little boy in no time! I can't believe I've had my precious girl for 6 whole weeks now!!!
And...thank you so much for the precious gift! I hope you, me and Tara can all get together after all of the little ones are here!
Valerie (Tara's Pal)