Wednesday, July 15, 2009

baking today...

So, today I promised myself I would do something I really
enjoy. Forget ironing, laundry, vacuuming etc...well, I did all that
too. But, this morning I made the M&M pretzel treats.
It was my first time making them.
Now I think I am hooked.
If you want directions let me know.

Then this afternoon I made cupcakes.
White cupcakes with chocolate icing
and an M&M on top!

Alan has been enjoying them both since he got home!

I have been having lots of cramping,
abdominal pain, and back pain this afternoon.
I layed down to rest and ended up falling asleep
for a couple of hours.
Hopefully this means my body is preparing
even more for Rowan's arrival!


Cathryn said...

OK, this is kinda gross, but my mother in law told me years before I had a baby that at the beginning of labor, you felt like you had to poop. And that is nature's way of getting you ready. She was right. Soooo, if that's how you're's soon! Also, I lost weight at my last dr's visit before. So those are the "signs" that it's close! The desserts look yummy...nest that baby right here!

steph said...

1)Have sex
2)Take an enema
3)Eat BBQ
I have tried all of the above to induce labor......they all work, some are just more enjoyable than others.
Hang on won't be long!

S.P.T. said...

I love your treats & want the recipe for the pretzels when you get a chance!

Jill said...

Hey Hollie! I know you are so excited for Rowan to make his debut. I'd love the recipe for those pretzel treats. They look amazing. You can facebook me the directions if you want.

Angel said...

Listen to Steph....the sex thing works, however,
With MaryAshley I went for my regular DR. visit and ended up being at 5 cinemeters dilated. And did not even know it! All I know is on that particular day I was very tired, did not feel well and was not hungry.