Thursday, July 16, 2009

Six things that make me happy...

I was tagged by Elizabeth...

Elizabeth and I met when I moved to San Antonio, Texas. We
were in 8th grade. After 8th grade we went to different high schools
and she became friends with my good friend, Laura.
So, we kinda keep in touch through Laura.
Then came facebook...and now blogging.
She is the wife to a smart guy, momma to 2 precious
kiddos, she is crafty and likes to cook, and she is a Christian!
I read her blog almost everyday!

So anyways, here are my 6 things that make me happy...

1. Knowing that I will soon have a precious little
boy in my arms. Period.
Can't wait to see him, kiss him, smell him,
hold him, cuddle him, get to know him...etc!

2. Baking. I enjoy making sweets for my
people to eat. I love trying new recipes.
I love wearing out good recipes.
For me it's my labor of love!

3. School supplies. I love
notebooks, journals, binders, markers,
Sharpies, pens, post-it notes and all that good stuff.
When I see Target and Wal-mart putting
their Back-to-school displays up, I can
hardly wait to see what cute things they have out
for the year!

4. Clean sheets. Clean dishes. Clean house.
I love everything to be clean actually.
It really puts me at ease when my surroundings
are neat, straightened, and clean.
Sometimes this gets the worst of me. :(

5. Mail. I love getting snail mail.
(Thanks Sarah T. for the card I recieved today.)
I love getting e-mail.
I love blog comments.
Especially out of the blue.
I try to be a good mail sender, but
lately I have been slacking.

6. Blogging. It's therapy for me.
It's a creative outlet.
It's a way to keep in touch.
2.5 years and going strong!

We are officially 39 weeks...very close to 39 weeks
and 1 day.
Rowan must be very cozy...

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Elizabeth H. said...

Yay! I'm glad you posted this! Love your happy things!