Friday, July 17, 2009

just plain miserable...

it's 7:19 a.m.
I'm wide awake.
Layed down on the couch at 3:00.
Serious itching all over.
Can't get comfortable.
Still up at 3:30.
Hot then cold.
Still up at 4:00.
Up to the bathroom at 5:33.
Alan will be up soon.
Up at 6:30.
Hear Alan in the shower.
Stomach killing me.
Back to the bathroom.
Still itching.
Trying not to be frustrated.
Trying not to complain.
But I'm exhausted.
Should have taken Benadryl.
Should have skipped my naps yesterday.
I'm just plain miserable.

Maybe today will be the day!

July 17th.

39 weeks and 1 day.

While I was awake last night I straightened the apt.
Washed a load of clothes.
Painted my fingernails.
Watched HGTV.
Started filling out Rowan's baby book. All my parts are complete.


Kelly said...

I can't imagine the waiting!! I feel like I've kept up with you through your blog even though we hardly knew each other- you're on my list of blogs that I check often. You are in my prayers and hang in there!!

Roxanne said...

Praying for you some comfort and rest. I hope Rowan makes his appearance soon!

Jessica Wilkes said...

hollie, i feel your pain, or rather i have felt your pain. . . past tense. hang in there. i am so excited for you and the journey you and alan are about to embark upon. it is wonderful to say the least. . . i type this as my two perfect wonderful boys are cozy in their beds. there is nothing like it. i feel so blessed just talking about it. i am praying for you, that you will have easy, short, uncomplicated labor.