Monday, February 16, 2009

So happy to say...

"What a joy, it's a precious baby...

Below are some of my favorites...
Classic profile shot!

He's signing "I love you"! Awwww...

Look at that precious hand!

Look at that little face!
So perfect, so detailed!
Can't wait to kiss him!

Hi Mom and Dad!
Look at his arms and his hands!
My little sweetness!

We had a great time tonight.
I feel so full of love and joy!
So blessed!
It is truly a miracle...
to see the way God has knit him so perfectly
together in my womb.
How can a person not believe in God?

I am simply overjoyed.

Our little baby boy.
Our little Rowan...


Roxanne said...

I am so glad I checked before heading to bed! Rowan is just precious. I can't believe how detailed the 4D sonogram is! I could just about count his ribs!

Oh, Hollie, he's beautiful! Congrats!

Melissa and Clint said...

You don't know me....but I work with Zach Shaddix. He sent me the pics and this blog because I am expecting right around the same time you are (I'm due July 12th).
All that to say...CONGRATULATIONS! Your pics and blog are fantastic! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly! I am certain you are going to welcome a happy and healthy baby boy into this world and he is going to be so lucky to have you as his MOM!!!

steph said...

Congrats....I lost, but you win! :)

S.P.T. said...

I love the sweet photos of baby Rowan. He is so precious! It truly is the most amazing miracle. You know I'll be following the next 22 weeks with you right here...congratulations!!!

Kelly said...

Congratulations! I know you are thrilled. The photos really are amazing!