Thursday, February 5, 2009

baby furniture

Today we traveled to Cadwell, GA
to Cadwell Furniture...and we found some furniture!

I know this doesn't look like baby furniture...
but this is the furniture we have picked out for the baby.

To be more economical, we decided to go ahead
and purchase an adult bedroom suite for the baby.
We are gonna buy a crib to match.

The reasons are...

1. It is cheaper to buy one crib and a bedroom suite that
will grow with the baby for it's entire life.

2. When baby #2 comes along, we will buy another adult
sized bedroom suite that will grow with that baby and
he/she will use the same crib.

3. Adult furniture is bigger and feels more substantial.

4. We can use the queen sized bed and night stand in our guest
room until it is time for the baby to move out of the crib.

5. Baby furniture is over-priced. Especially the baby furniture
at the specialty baby stores. (Read that in Baby Bargains.)
Even though it is so adorable.

6. We wanted our child to have its own furniture that
he/she can take with him/her whenever he/she moves
out of the house.

7. We will never worry about buying furniture for the
baby ever again.

We are gonna use the dresser as the changing table.
And attach the mirror later.
It looks very masculine which will
be perfect for a baby boy!
It is classic enough that hopefully it will not age.

We are also gonna buy this swivel glider below.

Once we find bedding we are going to pick a fabric to match.
I have no idea what I want in the nursery now.
Today I started thinking about red...
(I'm allowed to change my mind aren't I.)
I'm thinking chocolate brown or khaki for the chair.
Something that could be used for a girl or boy,
and then later used in the living room or our bedroom.

Well, this makes it feel very real!

And it also reminds me once again that our house hasn't sold,

and our baby really doesn't have a room yet.

Please pray for our house to sell very soon!

Night night!

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S.P.T. said...

I love the furniture & what a great idea...I'll keep praying about the house!