Sunday, February 1, 2009

getting ready for baby...

Last weekend when we were home I went through all the
baby clothes I have collected over the past few years.
It's so crazy to look at those little bitty socks.
I also pulled out some things that have been in
my baby "hope chest".

My old neighbors gave me this pacifier clip.
One day we went to an antique store near
our house. I saw this in the jewelry case and loved it.
They bought it for me and
surprised me last Christmas with it!
Looks like I will be changing out the ribbon and
getting an "R" engraved on the clip.

These were my dads when he was a baby.
My Maw-Maw Nunnelly gave them to me a while ago.
They are beautiful.
Can't wait to dress my sweet baby up!

Below, is the baby blanket Maw-Maw crocheted for me.
I think she gave this to me before I was married.
It's white, soft and beautiful!

Here is my ever expanding baby closet.

In other preparation...
I have signed up for Breastfeeding class at the hospital.
My friend Tara and I from work are taking it together.
I'm gonna sign up for Prepared Childbirth soon!
I'm wanting a natural birth!

I have been reading Baby Bargains.
It is a fabulous book that has tons of tips on all kinds of baby products.

I regularly visit
It is a great resource for coupons.
And she tells you where the cheapest diapers are for the week.
I found out about the cradle at this website!
I got it 68% off!

We have priced diapers everywhere. Sam's has them cheapest.

I have found a crib I love.

I have called several places to get prices.
We still need to go look.

I think I may be back at square one as far as bedding.

Alan said his boy isn't going to have polka dots in his nursery.
I'm trying to get mom and Paige to help
me make some!

Alan took me on a spur-of-the-moment
trip to Pigeon Forge this weekend.
We came back rested and more in love than before.

I try to never take my husband for granted
(but always seem to anyway).
He is no doubt God's pick for me.
At lunch I sat there and told him why I loved him so...
He pays the bills.
He takes my car for oil changes.
He pumps my gas.
He fixes my car.
He takes care of all the money.
He values my opinion.
He loves me wholeheartedly and unconditionally.
He listens to me.
He knows me so well.
He helps me around the house.
He lights up when we talks about our baby.
He knows how to make me laugh.
He is very sensitive to my needs.
He calls me at random times to ask
"Is there anything I can do to help you today?"
He asks me "What do you want to talk about?"
when we are riding in the car.
He knows what I need before I do.
And most recently...
he holds my hair back when I get sick.

I am so thankful for him.
If we are having a boy...I want him
to be just like his Daddy!

I took this ONE picture while we were gone.
The river in the mountains was frozen!
It was very pretty!

Well that's all I have for now.

And guess nausea for 4 days!


steph said...

No nausea? That's because you are entering the wonderful 2nd trimester! food tastes fabulous, sex is great and finally you have energy again!

Jill said...

I cannot believe all the baby clothes you already have!

Elizabeth H. said...

That is a WHOLE lot of clothes!!!!! Oh my goodness!!! It looks like you're set for the first 12 months! HA!

Paige said...

I did not know about the TN trip until last night. Call me.