Sunday, September 14, 2008

what's new...

Alan sent me these beautiful roses last Thursday!
just because.
This is a Goodwill find that I am so thrilled about.
I found the same bubble on eBay and it was $42.00.
I paid $1.50. It's in perfect condition!
(And no we are not having a baby...yet.)
I took this picture this afternoon.
A lily pad and bloom from G-ma's pond out back!

And here is the glider. It is coming along nicely.

Alan is working on painting the "woven" part as I type this.

Finally, another Goodwill find.

My heart totally skipped a beat when I saw this.

It is the dress-me-up plate by

Southern Living at Home.

Despite the hideous ribbon and writing, I saw its potential.

It cleaned up beautifully.
I can't wait to display it in our new house.
(one. of. these. days.)

Since I have two days off per week now, I've had to

find something to busy myself. I have found all the thrift stores

around and I frequent them weekly.

I love thrifting. It's like a treasure hunt.

I also found a cheese dome like this one.

I am gonna make one of these!

All I need to find now is a candle holder and a clear glass plate.

I think one of these would be so cute mixed in with some flowers!

Alan is calling me to come look at the glider...gotta go!


Morgan Carden said...

When you do finally have a baby, you HAVE to come back to athens to the Cornerstone kids consignment sale. It is so much fun. I consigned this year and made $97 on clothes Sam never wore. They were clothes I didn't really like. I only spent $60 on at least 25 outfits! Most of them still had tags on them. It is a little obsession of mine, but SO much fun.

S.P.T. said...

i totally love the little crafty ideas you posted, especially the one with the cheese dome.

if only we lived closer we could thrift & craft together...maybe one day!

Hope work is going well for both of you & I'll keep praying for the sell of your house!