Friday, September 26, 2008

good news...

  • Lauren and Chris heard the words "going home and discharge" yesterday...they don't know when, but it will be soon! Gage is doing great! He is supposed to be getting his first bottle today!

  • The couple who were supposed to be looking at our house on Monday didn't show BUTthey did come last night...and...THEY WANT IT!!! We don't have an official offer because they need to get approved so we aren't getting too excited...but I am excited...hopeful...praying that it will work out.

  • Maggie got home from California last night.
    We are headed to Alabama for the weekend. We haven't even been to AL since June I think. So we are excited to see all the family. We are having a fish fry tonight at Mom & Dads. Then tomorrow we are headed to our favorite furniture store, Akins Furniture, for some new living room furniture. And to "Trade Day" which is an outdoor flea market thing. And we might even go see Fireproof. The new movie by the church in Albany, GA. The same ones that made "Facing the Giants". So excited about it all!

It is such a beautiful day. My Southern Living magazine came yesterday and I can't wait to look at all the fall ideas. Maybe I will have a front porch to put some pumpkins on this year?!?

Well I gotta go, Alan will be here soon!

Have a great weekend!

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steph said...

YEAH so happy about your House!!!!!!