Friday, September 19, 2008

getting ready to go home...

I am glad the weekend is finally here.
Alan and I have not been to our house in three weeks...
So I am happy we are heading there this afternoon.

Gage is improving by leaps and bounds!
Hopefully he will be extubated (the breathing tube will be removed)
Keep praying for him!

We got some great news on Wednesday...
A couple is looking at our house on Monday night!
They went to the house and looked around on the outside twice already.
Please pray for the sale of our house...
If it is not meant to be for this couple, pray another one comes soon!

We are so ready to have a place of our own to come
home to everyday.
The house we have had our eyes on here is still on the market!!!

Lia and I finished our sewing classes last night.
Our pajama pants turned out very cute!
I am planning to make Alan a pair so I can practice what we learned.
We are taking an advanced beginner class in October.

Alan and I are going to look for furniture this weekend...
With the hopes of the sell of our house in mind.
We want some new living room furniture!

That's all!
Have a great weekend!

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