Sunday, September 21, 2008

this weekend...

Look at this precious baby!
Bright eyed and sticking his tongue out at his daddy!
Hopefully he will lose the breathing tube tomorrow!
Man, I can't wait to wrap by arms around him and his momma!

A taper candle holder,
a plain glass plate, a "cheese dome" cover,
and some glass glue later...

And this is what you get!
We made two of these out of thrift store finds this weekend!

This is a picture I found on the Internet! Ours look just like these!

I posted about these earlier in the week...

Got one this weekend for 15.00 with a Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon.

It smells lovely!

We had a great weekend at home.

It's so nice to be at home...

it smells like "Autumn Wreath" .

it's neat, organized, and clean.

our bed is so comfortable and roomy.

we got to watch our own T.V.

it's quiet.

Dixie got to run and play.

we got to cook dinner.

we got to watch the Georgia game.

we got to take naps.

I made chili.

it's "our" home!

Well, we are off to Wal-mart to get some necessities for the week!

Say a prayer for the couple coming to look at our house tomorrow at 6:30!

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