Monday, September 29, 2008

it's Monday!

We had a great and very busy weekend in Alabama!
It was great to see Maggie and all the other family!

Gage is doing great!
The focus now is feeding and gaining weight!
Pray that he continues to tolerate his feedings as they are increasing them daily!
There are some great new pictures on
You can tell what a little guy he is! So sweet!

I have spent alot of time today on
Very motivated to continuing saving, and to increase our savings.
Loved what he says about buying cars.
He encourages people to be accountable for every dollar!
Makes me think about those Diet Cokes I buy all the time!
(Not to mention the caffeine!)

Well, that's all.
I work tomorrow, Wednesday, and Friday!
Saturday is the Jason Aldean concert at the Georgia National Fair! :)

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