Monday, September 1, 2008

lots to share...

I know all of you are wondering how Lauren is doing...
They are doing well.
Hanging out in the hotel in Philly.
Tomorrow they will call to check-in with the doctor.
Hopefully they will be able to move to the Ronald McDonald
house tomorrow, even though they don't have reservations until September 10th.

Lots of pictures to post of the goings on around here...

The first picture is the fabric that will soon become pajama pants.
Lia (my sister-in-law) and I started our sewing classes last Thursday night!

The next three pictures are taken in Alan's grandma's backyard. She has lots of beautiful flowers, a koi pond, and a pool. Sometimes she gets visitors like this little frog!

Last night, Alan and I ventured to Marietta to go to the
Marietta Diner.
Alan saw the resturant on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives
a few months ago and has been talking about it since.
Well, it was worth the drive!
If you are ever around those parts you should definitely go!

Here are some burp cloths I have been making for
some of my friends that have babies on the way!

So I found these cute camera straps on Etsy.
The girl was simply sewing ribbon onto camera straps
and selling them for 25 dollars.
When I got my new camera I told Alan I wanted to buy one
of those straps. He thought I could make one myself.
Well, that was months ago...and I had yet to make one.
So yesterday when I was at Hancock Fabrics I found some
cute hot pink and black ribbon and some needles for heavy weight fabric.
I figured out how to change the needles
(thank goodness for an instruction book).

And then I started sewing...

Here's a before...

And here's an after...

I'm off!


Morgan Carden said...

When is Lauren due? I will continue to pray for her and her family. Love the burp cloths!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Thanks for keeping us updated on Lauren! Girl, you should have called when you were in Marietta :) I miss you!
Karen K.