Thursday, October 2, 2008


On our way to the furniture store we saw all of
these gliders sitting beside the road at an antique store.
Of course Alan and I were curious about how well they looked up close,
had they been sandblasted, how much were they...etc.
So on our way back home we stopped.
The prices ranged from 200-400 dollars.
We decided that our paint job looked better,
and our sanding job looked just as good as theirs.
Alan has done a great job with the painting of ours!
Monday night he put ours back together.
Last night he got the clear coat done!
I will post finished pictures later! :)
This yucky green color one is the exact style of ours!
It was selling for 350.00
Another reason why I love my camera!
These were taken at Momma and Dad's house this weekend.
This lantana has overtaken their front flower beds.
It was covered with butterflies and bees.
I couldn't get the butterflies to cooperate!

Would you take a look at that baby ticker to the right...

Today Gage is one month old! :)

He still isn't even supposed to be born yet!

Lauren's due date was October 6th!

Isn't God so good!

Have a great Thursday!

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