Friday, October 24, 2008


Thursday I made another trip to Milledgeville to spend
the day with Gage and his momma.

We had a great, very relaxing day!

The picture above is my favorite!

Notice the nasogastric tube is gone and look at his
chunky cheeks!

The picture below is the gift I put together for
Lauren, Chris and Gage!
The bucket turned out really cute!
Monogram is from
It's actually a car monogram!

It's very rainy today! I am on my way to Alabama for the weekend!
Alan is staying here to hunt!

Have a great weekend!


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steph said...

Oh Hollie, I held that sweet pea in my arms and could have eaten him up! He's a little gumdrop! Our faith made sight. remember our conversation last May? He has certainly completed a good work!