Sunday, October 12, 2008

3 hour nap.

Pop-ups: Grandma's backyard
I just woke up from one...
I worked 14 hours on Friday.
And so far this weekend we have been called back three times.
I feel so exhausted.
My check will look good in two weeks. :)

Please pray for my sister, Paige.
She was diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.
She has been on antibiotics for a week now.
Her family care physician is referring her to someone that has seen it before.
Some of the things that come along with it can be pretty serious!

Alan is grilling ribs right this minute...they smell too good.
Sweet potatoes are in the oven.

It's raining outside.
It's been rainy, gloomy, and windy outside today.
(maybe that's another reason I slept so long.)

Lauren and Chris are coming home Tuesday!
I am riding up to Milledgeville Tuesday morning to deliver some surprises!

I bought almost all the stuff to make the round keychains
similar to the ones I recently purchased.
I'm gonna try my hand at making some.

Been brainstorming (daydreaming) about getting a monogram machine.
(Alan told me he was gonna buy me one Saturday morning...but I had to go to work.)
I can't wait to make some items for extra money to go into savings.
Also, it will give me something to occupy my time.

Speaking of occupying my time...
I signed up for an extra day of work next week and the next.
Not that I am a workaholic by any means...
But I need something to do.

I went to a large antique store in Macon on Saturday.
I found lots of antique ornaments.
I will post a picture when I take one.
(Alan: hint hint November 17th)

Last week I found two 4ft. lighted, Christmas trees in urns for
the front porch at Big Lots of all places.
They were a bargain for real at 36 dollars for 2.

So happy with where we are in our life right now.
Married for 3.5 years.
Saving money.
Planning to buy or build a new house. Soon.
Minimal stress.
Lots of love.
Just me and Alan.
Couldn't imagine it any other way!

Happy Sunday!

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