Friday, March 26, 2010

quick update.

My little one is at my feet ready to get going.
I ran over to the apartment to get some shoes,
and thought I could fit in a quick update...
We still have a little bit more stuff to get from here.
I suppose we will be completely moved by the 31st.

Speaking of my little one...
He started clapping on Wednesday. It is the cutest thing.
Of course I have not been able to catch him on camera yet.
He is going from sitting to the crawling position but will only sit
there and rock back and forth.
He is getting more comfortable on his belly though.
I guess he will crawl when he is ready...
He loves his new room and our new house.
Especially the light fixtures.
They are black, so that must be highly interesting to him.
He has been sleeping like a champ.
We let him cry it out again on Tuesday night because
he had gotten into the habit of waking up around 2, 3, or 4 every night
for a bottle.
After an hour he finally went to sleep...
and the past two nights he has slept for 11 hours straight.
It feels wonderful to sleep through the night again.
We will just hope it continues.

The new house is coming along...
Yesterday I got alot done and I am really starting to like it.
When we get the internet at home I will share more pictures(...Laura)!
Rowan and I went on a walk yesterday.
It is so nice to have a neighborhood to walk around in.

Well I better get going.
It may be a while before we are back on the internet.
It seems to take a little time to get those things up and running.
Maybe I can blog from my iTouch if I can get free WiFi somewhere.

We are off to Target and Toys R' Us for Easter Basket goodies!

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The Leinwetters said...

thanks for the update. can't wait to see it all. :) love you!