Tuesday, March 16, 2010

house updates!

Dining room!
The cayenne pepper color is gone and now it's chocolate brown!
Eventually we will put board and batten up in there
which will make it totally rock!

Rowan's room is now baby blue.
It too will eventually have board and batten.

I think he likes his blue walls!
(Look at all that drool...and still no teeth!)
These two pictures were taken with different light...
hence the vast difference.
The blue is a chambray blue.
Very soft and soothing!

We have knobs and pulls on the cabinets throughout the house.
Wow what a difference hardware can make!
We got these on eBay for more than half off!

We also painted the kitchen a khaki color
that matches up better with the backsplash.
It looks great!
Our appliances came today.
The refrigerator and stove fit perfectly.
But the microwave is causing some difficulty. :(
I would have taken pictures today
but Alan and his friend Aaron were busy in there! :)

Things are moving right along.
I am ready for our bedding to come in so
we can get paint for our bedroom.

We are probably gonna start moving this weekend...
So excited!

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Cathryn said...

It's so good to be HOME, isn't it?! And Rowan is looking like his daddy these days! How precious!