Monday, March 15, 2010

Questions answered...

I ready to move!

I think...way too much about un-important stuff.

I should...go fold Rowan's clothes and load the dishwasher.

I dream...of being skinny.

I be off work for the next two weeks.

I know...God is good.

I don't like...when me and Alan fight (I mean disagree?).

I smell...Huggies natural care lotion on my hands from putting it on Rowan after his bath.

I hear...FOX news. Someone is always watching it...

I fear...being misunderstood.

I search...for my cell phone or keys daily.

I miss...the simpler times.

I always...make lists because I like the sense of accomplishment that comes with crossing stuff off.

I crave...everything I am not supposed to have. Week 4 of South Beach! Right now
I would love a Sonic Reese's P.B. Cup Blast.

I remember...when my nephew Cade was born. He turned NINE today!

I quit worrying about what people think of me.

I short life is.

I feel...overwhelmed most of the time. Trying to get over that.

I anything I set my mind to.

I can't...believe Rowan will be 8 months old on Saturday.

I am

I my iTouch.

I shop...for good deals everywhere I go. Today I scored a new comforter set for our bed for about 70% off!

I eat...too much.

I boys and their hugs.


Shauna said...

I eat...way to much too!

It isn't a normal day if I am not searching for my keys or cell phone either! :) I'll have to tell Shawn I'm not the only one out there like that!

Thank you for always keeping your honesty Hollie! Such a good attribute!

steph said...

I miss.....You!