Tuesday, March 16, 2010


In the midst of all this chaos I took some time last night
to chill out the best way I know how.

I crafted and sewed.

I made us a lime green "S" to hang on our front door.
For St. Patricks Day? No.
Just because I wanted a springy color
and Alan said no to hot pink and Hancock was out
of turquoise!
Thanks to Alan for drawing and cutting out the "S"!

I bought these cute little shorts and shirts at Wal-mart.
I thought they needed some sprucing up so I
bought an extra pair of shorts to make an applique for the shirts.
I got the directions here.
I had to straight stitch mine because my letter
was much smaller than the one she shows in her tutorial.
And I will not be showing a close-up of the letters.
Let's just say they are made with love! :)

I think they turned out pretty cute!
Especially since they only cost $10.50 an outfit!
Did I mention they are size 12 months?


anythingbutperfect said...

Love the "S" for the front door. Would love directions on how to make those! Adorable! And so are the outfits. Glad ya'll are finally getting settled again in a house. I know you live for house projects as much as I do. Can't wait to come and see the finished product of your new home! Love ya!

City Grace said...

the S is awesome! what a great idea...and the outfits are too cute!

A Book Bagg said...

precious! Can't believe he's getting so big. Drew (now 19 months) is still wearing 12 month clothes!!!

Sarah said...

love, love, love the outfits...i wish I had your creativity! The house is looking great!