Thursday, September 10, 2009


On Labor Day we didn't have anything to do...
so we loaded up baby boy and headed to Lane Southern Orchards.
We frequent the place for peach and strawberry ice cream...
(which is delicious, by the way)
but Monday we went to pick zinnias.
I noticed them on Sunday when we passed by,
while secretly hoping maybe we could go pick some.
Alan was so kind to take us, and it was his idea!
Beautiful flowers, sunshine, and fresh air...
All of which this new momma needed!

Rowan was asleep!

Alan had fun picking and I had fun taking pictures!

Here is the handful I picked! I was very picky! Aren't they gorgeous!

I love this picture. I love the brown paper bag. The flowers sticking out.

It reminds me of those flower stands you see on the movies

in Europe. Like on Notting Hill. Where people

go daily to buy fresh bread, flowers, and produce.

That would be so much more fun than just going to Kroger!

Our God is so creative!

It's the simple things in life...

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*MamaJess* said...

We LOVE Lanes too! Glad ya'll had fun picking flowers :D