Tuesday, September 1, 2009

update, or rambling...

it's 12:48 p.m.
ask me how it got to be this late.
i have no clue.

Mom came down last Monday.
So enjoyed having her here!
We shopped. ate. laughed. talked.
And played "babies" with Rowan.
Rowan and I went home with her on Wednesday.
We had a great visit.
Seeing my grandparents. nephews. and my sister.
She turned 32 last Wednesday.
Happy Birthday Paige!
Alan came to get us and we came home Sunday night.
Rowan finally went to his first church
service at my parents church.
He did great!

We found Rowan 3 outfits for next
summer and a precious dressy Christmas outfit
at various boutiques around here.
They were all 50-65% off!
Sweet deals!

The pictures from Rowan's newborn shoot were
waiting for us when we got home on Sunday!
They are precious!
I can't wait to frame them and get them hanging!

We are facing a major decision for our family.
Prayers are appreciated.
I am wondering if my faith has every really been exercised.

Rowan is 6 weeks old.
He weighs right at 10 lbs.
I think he is going through a major growth spurt.
He has been eating every hour and a half to two hours
today. I think my boobies might fall off.
He is more precious every day.

I am still adjusting to being a mom.
And honestly I have moments when I still cry.
I was so used to doing my own thing...

Last week I got mastitis from nursing.
I had a fever, flu-like symptoms, and a very, very sore
boobie. As my mom said..."The things we do for
our babies!" I am thankful to be feeling almost
back to normal.

Our house is now being rented out!!!
What a huge relief to our family!
We are thankful that God provided what
seems to be a wonderful tenant.

I was able to go get a pedicure tonight.
Alan stayed home with Rowan.
It was great to get out by myself for a couple of hours.
And my feet...well, they are thanking me.
They have been ignored.
Thanks Babe!

I am ready for a new hair-cut.
Not a "mom-do"!
I want a new stylist.
Someone like Becky who used to cut my hair.
She had it going on!

Do you ever have so many ideas...
and you don't know where to start?
Or you doubt yourself?
Or you fear failure?
Or you fear not having time?
Or you don't think you are smart enough,
crafty enough, or business savvy enough.
That's exactly how I feel.
But there are two things I want really bad.
Fear and doubt, go away!

I wish my family were closer in proximity.
I miss them like crazy.
I crave time with them like never before.

Some days go by and I realize...
I haven't brushed my teeth.
I haven't had a shower.
I haven't done anything I told myself I was gonna do.
I haven't taken my antibiotics.
I haven't prayed.
I haven't eaten anything.
I haven't drank anything.
Having a baby changes everything!

Well, that is everything that is my mind tonight.
I am going to crawl into bed.
Little boo will be beckoning soon...
it's 1:24 a.m. now.

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Jessica Leigh Alligood said...

aw Holly- it is very crazy those first few weeks! It sounds like you're doing AWESOME ( I KNOW you are) Hang in there! CONGRATs on the Tenants- that's GREAT :D