Monday, September 14, 2009

websites for new moms...

Full of weekly sales, where to get coupons, product reviews,
and special deals on the web.
I found out about the sale on Rowan's cradle on this site.

Baby Steals
They feature a new baby product each day!
It is posted at 9am MST.
Most of the time the item is 50% off.
And it's really good stuff!

This was some encouragement that I happened
upon the other day. I loved it...
and needed it. Like right then.

And what is a post without a picture...

Baby boy is loving bath time these days.

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Becky Schulze said...

Hey girl,
It was so nice to see you on Sunday. Your little Rowan is so sweet! Enjoy all the time you have with him because before you know it he will be 3! I love your site!
Becky Schulze