Tuesday, September 29, 2009

what's up with me...

Other than nursing, changing, rocking, burping,
and adoring our baby boy I have been
goodwill-ing, cooking, sewing, and shopping!


I love to frequent Goodwill. It's like a treasure hunt. I put
Rowan is his stroller and off we go.
A few weeks ago I bought him 11 outfits
for 18.00. Three of the outfits are pictured below.
I am not fond of the dinosaur on the second
jon-jon, so I am in the process of removing
the applique. I am either gonna have it
monogrammed or put some other type
of applique on it. Still can't beat paying $1.50 for it!

This Tuesday I found one of these plates.
I already have one, so I gave it to my mom.
It is a Southern Living Dress-me-Up Plate.
This picture was taken at one of my baby showers
(that I never blogged about).
By the way, this is the third one I
have bought at Goodwill.

I got this cute little wire basket with
these glass cups in it last week too.
I figure it is multi-functional.
Flowers, pens, pencils, buttons, candy, ...etc.

This salmon and couscous recipe is delicious.
Super healthy and super easy!
I saw Bobby Deen making this on Paula's Home Cooking.
I was proud that I introduced Alan to a food
he has never had. He loved it!
Also, that sweet polka dotted platter.
I ordered that when Rowan was a few days old
and I was having a rough day.
It is adorable!

Here is the buffalo chicken dip.
It was spicy...a little too spicy for baby boy...
but I ate some anyway.
It was a little salty, but good with Ritz chips!
If I make it again I will alter the recipe!

My friend Tara from work had a sweet
baby girl two weeks ago. I whipped these
up so I would have a little gift to take
her when we went to visit.

I also made Rowan a Christmas burp cloth.
I have bought fabric to make some Halloween ones.
Black and orange polka dots (pictured above)
and black with pumpkins.
I better get on the ball it is October 3rd already!

I love Walmart. I have found the
cutest outfits for Rowan there lately.
The great thing about it...they are only FOUR dollars!
And they are baby blue...which I love for my baby boy!

Etsy has pulled through for me again...
I ordered these waterproof vinyl stickers
a few weeks ago. I put them on
all of Rowan's bottles and pacifiers.
I thought they would be great for daycare.
Well...they were great for the
day and a half he was in daycare.
I will share our horror story
about that sometime later. (Maybe.)
I am trying to forget the experience right now.
Rowan will be staying with Ms. Laura
starting on Monday. So far...she has
already been a blessing!

So, I went back to work on September 25th.
Rowan stayed with Alan for my first day back
to help with the transition.
I cried all the way to work...and when I got to work.
Alan took him to Bass Pro for the first time.
He bought him a camoflauged pacifier.
I think it's cute that Alan took him, and even cuter
that Alan bought him something to remember the trip.
He even brought him to see me around 1:00.
Just what I needed to get me through the day!
They had a great day together.

Going back to work was/is very hard.
I hate leaving Rowan.
When I get to work I get busy so the
day will go by fast. I am so thankful I am only
away from him 3 days a week.
Alan has been doing a great job with him
in the afternoons. He picks him
up between 3:30 and 4:00.
It has been great to be back around
my work friends and to be back taking care of patients.
I am thankful for a great job, great co-workers
and a great boss.

Well, right now I am in Alabama.
Rowan and I came over on Friday morning.
We went to a really nice consignment sale this morning.
I got Rowan 14 outfits for 85 dollars!
Consignment sales are fun!

Well, I better get to bed.
Rowan will be waking me up again soon...


Sarah said...

so glad to know what you've been up to outside of caring for sweet little Rowan! I can't believe those awesome deals on outfits for him...wow! Hope your new plan for childcare works out well...hope to talk to you soon!

Shelley said...

Hollie, I enjoyed reading the update! Love the blog. I hope your new childcare plan works out well and I'm so sorry you had a bad daycare experience! I know the patients are glad to have you. I miss taking care of patients! I need to know what Etsy site you got those stickers from, Carleigh definitely needs some of those. Hope this week is great!

A Book Bagg said...

Lauren told me about daycare & I hate that for you, but am very thankful you found someone who was a good fit for sweet Rowan. I also need the scoop on your stickers! Let's catch up soon...

Lauren said...


I absolutely love reading your blog! You inspired me to start writing one a few months ago. Rowan is so precious and I enjoy reading about your experiences with him. I know you'd much rather be at home than at work, but I'm glad you're back and I hope to see you around soon! Take care!