Tuesday, January 20, 2009

excuse me for a moment...

I'm having a rough day today.

Usually I try to post about positive things...but excuse me for a moment...
Please remember I am 14 weeks pregnant, hormonal, and a little "on-edge".

It all started when my husband told me his mother
did not have a potato brush.
I asked him what she usually uses to wash her potatoes.
He replied, (CRINGE) "she just washes them, like normal people."

Oh. no. he. didn't.

But he did.

Evidently...I'm not normal...my own husband thinks I'm "abnormal".

I think I'm gonna lose it...

I'm ready for "our" own space.

Ready for our bedroom.
With our big king size bed.
Where no one busts in on you.
Where it is clean, and organized.
And ours.
Our own sacred little place.

Ready for our own bathroom.
our toilet.
our shower.
our double sinks.
Enough said.

Ready for my own CLEAN sparkling kitchen
where things are organized just so.
Where I can cook GOOD wholesome meals for me and boo. nightly.

Ready for my washer and dryer that is a few steps down the hall.
In a room that is heated.

Ready for my couch where Alan and I can lay side by side...
and we can feel at home.
Where I can lay there all night if I want to.
and no one will tell me to "wake up".
I'm really over that one.

Ready for the smell of home.
Clean, light, fresh with the smell of candles,
that I can burn nightly if I want to!

Ready for our own yard.
Where we can plant wintertime pansies.
And Dixie can run and play every afternoon.

Ready for my own thermostat.
That will stay on 70 degrees all the time.
or warmer if I want it.

Ready for that Ahhhh...feeling when I walk in the door of our home.

Ready for the quiet-ness of our home.
Where it's just us.
And if it is noisy.
It's our music playing.
Or our TV.
Or our voices.

Ready for the cleanliness of home.
Where, if it is dirty, it's our dirt.
But that rarely happens.
I would LOVE to clean my house.

Ready for a garage to park in on these cold winter nights.

Ready for my kitchen cabinets and drawers.
My pots and pans.
My baking stone.
My dishwasher.
My utensils.

and especially...

my potato brush...

This is the real me too.
And as we all know "it's just one of those days".

Hopefully my "normal" husband will come home in a little while
and hug his "abnormal" wife.

God please help him survive this pregnancy...

I hope you are laughing!


Roxanne said...

AMEN, sister!
There's no place like home. Hope you have a new home SOON!

Brionne said...
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S.P.T. said...

I'm very much laughing (with you, that is)...I hope you guys can have your own place soon. I'll keep on praying!

Shauna said...

By the middle to end of your pregnancy, you'll want the thermostat on 62 or below! =) It won't be cool enough for you! =)
I hope you get that "sacred place" and "privacy" soon! :) Kisses!

steph said...

Have you ever noticed how closely related pregnancy and PMS are?

Tina G. said...

Those kind of days will make the good ones seem even better!! Hang in there!! You are in training for parenthood!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Girl you are too funny! I am TOTALLY laughing with you! Hang in there- we are praying you into a new house SOON! Alan will make it through your pregnancy...he just might have to bring you some clean panties in the bathroom b/c you peed in yours when you forgot to pull them down....or he might have to come and let you in your house because you locked yourself out...your stories will go on and on and you will one day, not too far from here, LAUGH!
143 and I can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

that was me, I just didn't sign it with my blog- I know you are shocked!


Elizabeth H. said...

You are hilarious! We are all allowed to have hard days, especially when we're pregnant!!!! I hope you're feeling better!

AND... I didn't want to post this the day you wrote this blog, so I have given it a few days.. but what is a potato brush? I just use the rough edge of my sponge! But seriously, if I had known such a thing existed, I would have been using it all this time!!!