Friday, January 2, 2009

baby likes so far...

So...several people have been
asking me about nursery ideas, what kind of stroller
I want, what diapers I'm gonna use, etc.

I thought I would post what I like so far...
it's just a random list...
First the nursery bedding...
It comes in pink and blue.
This is a pregnancy journal that I ordered online.
It is Christian based. It has some blank pages, and some
that have topics. It is so precious.
I have really enjoyed writing my thoughts and feelings
in this book. Someday my baby can read it.
I would definitely recommend it to anyone who
is expecting!

Below are the diapers that I plan on using.
They smell so good!
This is the stroller and carseat I like...
Not sure about the colors but this one is very neutral!

Below is a wipes warmer.
Some people say you shouldn't use them because of bacteria...
But I don't care I'm using one.
This one is anti-microbial and anti-drying.

This is a CD I bought the other day at Family Christian.
It has great worship songs with soft arrangements.
The website has previews of the songs!
It is adorable.
I have already enjoyed listening to it.
I can just imagine myself rocking and nursing in the middle
of the night with the CD playing.
Man, I can't wait.

These are personalized pacifiers from
They are precious!
That red one would look so cute with
all the Christmas outfits I have bought.

This may be too much information...but I think
this story is pretty funny.
So this morning I'm getting ready. I'm feeling sick.
I'm hot. I'm tired. I call Alan to complain to him.
I finish getting ready. I walk to my car.
I get in, and get ready to back up.
And suddenly I'm like "Oh my gosh, I'm about
to throw up, like right now". So I put my car in park.
I get out, walk two steps over to the bushes, and start
throwing up. Dixie is barking at me. And I'm thinking
"I'm puking in the bushes, what in the world?"
So after a few what-feels-like-minutes I stop throwing up.
I get back in my car, wipe off my mouth, and I
kid you next thought is "What's for breakfast?"
Only a pregnant woman or one who has been pregnant
before would understand.

That's all I've got for now...


Cathryn said...

Awww, thank you for sharing your baby excitement! You gotta check out this website I hope its a girl! But Gage needs a best buddy, too!

steph said...

So glad to see the line.."nursing my baby" in this post! you know me the La Leche maniac

Elizabeth H. said...

LOL about throwing up and wanting breakfast... I hope your morning sickness subsides!!! Cute stuff! There is a great CD called Hide Em In My Heart with tons of praise music for kids - and its all pure scripture, which is great for scripture memorization!

The Wadley's said...

Your story about throwing up in the bushes is hilarious. I didn't have morning sickness, but I totally understand. The bedding is SO adorable. I love pampers. They are wonderful. I've always heard "Pampers for boys, Huggies for girls." I use Pampers with Levi and the work great.

Look forward to reading more about your baby thoughts.

S.P.T. said...

awww...I hope you start feeling lots better soon. I love the baby's totally you. I have 2 friends using that stroller & carseat & they love it. Keep on documenting these great things & maybe one day I'll need them.

Baby Nursery Ideas said...
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