Saturday, January 17, 2009

baby product advice...

During some downtime at work this week a few
of the girls I work with
started talking about baby products.
Anything from diapers to bathtubs.
I got some great advice about what to buy and what not to buy.

I know many of you who read my blog are moms...
So bring on the advice...
I would love to hear what you love and what you hate.
What you can't live without and what you can.


steph said...

Honey, it's been so long since my girls were babies that I can't give you any product advice. However, my bossy nature will leave you this advice:
1)Nurse her as long as your can, it's the best form of bonding
2)Hold her all the time when she's wee tiny... it goes to fast.
3)If she happens to sleep in your bed it will not hurt her
4)If she sucks her thumb don't worry about it, just make sure orthodontics are on your dental insurance!

The Wadley's said...

Hey Hollie. I know you are so excited about the little one on the way. Levi is 8 months old and here are some of my favorite items that I love,
1) Gerber baby spoons.
2) Lap pads. I didn't even know what they were until someone gave me some as a gift. I love them and they save me from having to wash sheets constantly.
3) Colored burp cloths. If they're going to spit up - make it fashionable.
4) Love your little one. They grow fast.
5) I agree with the above. Don't worry about thumb sucking.
6) Enjoy every moment!

Sara said...

Boudreaux's Butt Paste! it's wonderful. And the jar will last FOREVER. When baby Singleton gets a bad rash- put Triple Antibiodic cream on it and cover it up with a layer or Boudreaux's to hold it on. It'll be better in no time.

Also, if you aren't breast feeding or your boobs hurt- I SWEAR by putting cold cabbage leaves in your bra! I promise it helps soooo much!

Aren't you glad I can give you veggie and boobie tips? :)

Cathryn said...

They didn't have these when I had babies, but one of my bloggers that I keep up with swears by the Miracle Blanket. It is a swaddling blanket. It helps the baby sleep better and I'm all for that!

The Wadley's said...

Ditto to the miracle blanket. I had 2 and Levi was sleeping through the nigh tby 2 months!

Kiem said...

Hollie, I've already told you about the diaper depot, very handy. I didn't know about Boudreaux's Butt Paste with my children but my moms use it on theirs and its a miracle cream. But the one thing I couldn't have made it without was Mawmaw!! Use her as much as you can! Cherish every moment, you know 9 lb babies run in the family and big babies don't stay little long!!

Shauna said...

Some things I definitely cannot live without are:

*My Boppy (I use it still for breastfeeding each and every time, she used it for tummy time as a young baby and as support for sitting.)

*Lots of Gerber cloth diapers (6-10 ply) to use as burp cloths (and of course monogrammed!)

*My hooter hider for breastfeeding

*Aveeno bath/lotion products (Johnson & Johnson is to harsh for their sensitive skin and not pH balanced)

*The hospital nasal aspirator (The store ones don’t suck out the boogies good enough! Make sure to swipe another one from the hospital before you leave!)

*Thick, hooded towels for after bathtime

*Pampers diapers (I don’t like Huggies)

*Pampers or Huggies Sensitive wipes

*Balmex with each diaper change! (Kyndall only got diaper rash 1x and I put Balmex on and it was almost gone by the next diaper change. I stopped using Beuadruxs Butt paste b/c it prevents but does not heal once its there.)

*Carter’s side-snap waterproof bibs (keeps it on the bib and does not leak through to their outfits or sensitive neck skin)

*Carter’s PJ’s for sleepytime

*Flannel receiving blanket or Kiddopotamus for swaddling. Swaddling prevented Kyndall from waking up in the early months from her startle reflex

*Boppy sleep positioner, she used it until she was 3 months old. Loved it!

*Boppy pad liners to go on your changing pad. So much easier to change the pad instead of the whole cover! You’ll change it a lot when they pee in between diaper changes, blowout’s, etc!

*Sleep-Sak Blanket Sleepers. Started using them after swaddling, much safer than a blanket and always stays on. They have them in thin cotton or fleece. Love them! I use them with Carter’s PJ’s.

*When I first started breastfeeding, I had to use Medela Lanolin breast/nipple cream and a Medela breast shield sometimes when my nips became sore. It allowed me, Lauren and Michelle to continue breastfeeding when it felt like our nips were going to fall off. We swear by it!

*Now I can’t live without the Fisher-Price Jumperoo (she loves it more than an exersaucer) her bebepod/bumbo with tray, any toys with lights and music, Praise Baby Videos from Lifeway Christian Bookstore.

*Things I could live without: Her infant bathtub. We only used it the first 4 weeks. She’d rather lay in the tub and kick water and now she wants to sit up and play. Pacifiers. I never gave her one. Shoes. They don’t stay on and then when they do finally fit and stay on, she pulls them off to chew on them and throws them down on the ground in stores. Bassinet. Never used it, she always sleeps in her crib.

Shauna said...

Oh...and I forgot to add gowns to the list! I loved gowns in the first 8 weeks. So easy to change diapers in the middle of the night...especially in those first few weeks when sleep deprivation is at its highest! I promise you won't have be ableto function, let alone button 1,352 buttons on a onesie or sleeper! =)