Saturday, March 29, 2008

what's been going on...

week 7 at the gym is over. it's going great.

talked to my old bible study leader and friend from
college, Karen, the other night for a while.
so good to be in touch with her still...8 years later!
total sweetheart. so personal. great memory.
and she is so challenging! (Hi Karen!)

i also heard from my friend Lescoe!
i just love hearing from old friends!
(Hi Lescoe!)

i took the day off on Friday.
i got a haircut.
i ate lunch with Alan.
i sewed...almost done with two more dresses.
promised myself i will take off from work more.
life's too short.

Lauren had a doctors appointment on Friday.
Baby Brown is doing well! As are momma and daddy!
Only 27 more weeks!

we bought a new tree for the front of our
house today. i didn't take a picture...
but i will soon.

today we went to r. wood studio.
i loved it.
i love their pottery.
i read about them in Southern Living and also
Mary Englebriet's Home Companion.
I want a piece of their pottery.
one of the brightly colored scalloped platters.

we also drove around the Botanical Gardens.
the weather was a bit unpredictable so we didn't get out
of the car. the daffodils were amazing though.
we are planning to go back soon.

getting ready to celebrate our 3rd anniversary in May!
Alan asked me what i wanted.
he wanted to get me a wrap for my engagement ring, but i
want a new wedding band something like this...

1 comment:

Karen :) said...

Thanks for the shout out! It was great talking with you too! Let's definitely do it more often.