Sunday, March 30, 2008

i should never be bored...

yo-yo's. have made one of these. cute.

make lots of yo-yos to make one of these.

fabric covered bucket. want to make one of these. maybe for Baby Brown's nursery?

fabric labels. need to make these for my dresses.

grass. springy-goodness.

fabric covered ponytail holders. you can also make magnets and thumbtacks! these are the same buttons I put on my dresses.

embroidered felt labels. precious.

bitty booties. i'm so making some of these for baby Brown.

pincushions. gotta love these.

if you combine the yo-yo and the fabric covered button you get this.

totally cute lampshades. I tried to talk Libby into making one of these to match Luke's nursery!


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