Friday, March 7, 2008

finally friday

just ordered this bag in hot pink. got free shipping.
you can too, just use the code below.

At checkout, on the Billing Information page,
go to the section labeled
“Source Code” (below the credit card payment box).
Enter the Source Code BLOOM and the
PIN 487901283 in the space provided.

want to plant grass like this for Easter.

and dye eggs, since I didn't do it last year.
Alan made fun of me for wanting to do it,
this year I don't care.

have been wanting to make my handwriting into a font...
you can do it here for a mere $9.00.
or you could possibly get a free handwriting font here.

want to make pillow covers for my rocking chairs on
the front porch with the fabric from
the tablecloth I made for Libby's shower.

going to Milledgeville tomorrow on a spur-of-the-moment
trip. i get to see Lauren again!!! she is already 10 weeks!
she said she has been eating pickles this weekend.
so maybe she will want to go to Scoops for some
ice cream is so cute in there,
and the ice cream is so good!
and for you local people reading my blog,
there is a new Scoops in Watkinsville.

we have officially completed 4 solid, consecutive weeks at the gym!

have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

the ginormous town of dublin just got a scoops too!!